Explanations for this please?

Long ago , i had an account that charged lots of tokens into and bought lots of fushion kits during the kits sale , before this update , the kit worth 50000 in fushion points , now its only 3000 , why ? i would like a reasonable explanation from the devs


Purchase Explanation for 5000 Tokens?


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I meant the kit used to contain 50000 points of fushion in there , now its only 3000 , thats my question

Dev’s explanation: “oops”


I had 10 of those… now you still get it as 21st or 16th day reward … should have been 50k still cause in beta they had them like that… but now i quess like flushy said… “oops”



#Everyone call him that from now on

I have a better question for an explanation :

  • Power Unit 7400 Boost Power

  • using a Power Unit 3500 Boost Power to boost

  • gives +1000 Boost Power AND costs 2445 Gold

So under the line WE pay 2445 Gold for LOSING 2500 Boost Power !

Where the 2500 Boost Power is gone ???

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You boosted one of those fools gold money pits, WHY?
EVERYTHING is now made to screw us over every way they can, especially those power kits.
All in the excuse of saving inventory space.
Individual items are all worth more separately for fusing.

Power kits = YOU give me a dollar and I give you back 1 cent, 99 cent service charge to help you loose more in making 1 kit from many.

I have a bunch of those old 50,000 kits too that are now only worth 3000
Just another example of we the players being screwed over and over.
I could of used those to boost some of my old flame throwers and special weapons that are still very usable.

Tacticsoft OBJECTIVE = anger people often enough so they get fed up and leave for good.


Are you sure that only gives you 1000 fusion power, and not whatever the value is +1000?

Edit: nvm i realize what happened. That is pretty strange. I just havent played in a long asf time, so didnt realize what the numbers mean

I think communication is a big thing I look at all the players and
there’s people from all over different countries.

Tacticsoft is a duly incorporated Israeli Company, operating from Amot Bldg. 11 Kiryat Mada St. Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem, Israel.

That is one thing that I learned from this game it isn’t all in one place, in minecraft it was a server and everyone from that server was american. (if you werent youd have high ping) however supermechs is global. so there’s players EVERYWHERE

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RIP my ultra power kits I stacked up because I wanted to use them after this “big” update :joy: THESE ARE TEARS OF PAIN

Me too, I wished I had a warning of the screw you tactics that were going to occur, even a slight hint and I would have fully MAXED out my
couple of Lava Spray Mark II
Engine Breaker Mark I
Armor Breaker Mark II
Death Punch Mark II
at least they would be fully usable till I acquired the new versions.
By the way how the low chance premium boxes are working it will take forever, LITERALLY FOREVER as the 100s already gone through have very little to call worthy :rage:

At least I got a few things worthy, total of 6 from that short time when the premiums were always EPICs with an occasional LEGENDARY, but it has reverted back to it’s original cheap skate state of potluck, common, rare, low chance epic. Just like Big Boy.

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