Experience with Insane Big Boy

Greetings, Pilots!
After reading several posts from @Mohadib and Co. I decided to go full scale and prepare my physical Mech for Insane Big Boy. I tweaked heat and cooldown to fit in additional plates, and armed with 2500 HP I started grinding Insane BB. First run, 3 repairs, no sweat. Sweet gold, sweet experience, BUT NO BOX!. I say, curse my bad luck. Better luck next time! So I go second time. This time 1 repair! No chance to win without revive. I say, ok, if I receive a good box, I can afford 10 tokens. I just died on Big Boy. Revived for 10 tokens, sweet gold, sweet exp, BUT NO BOX!!! This time got infuriated. But calmed down and said, it is always better THIRD TIME! I set off, 2 repairs, killed BB on the last scratch of HP (physical orb hitting for +500 dmg), and this time I received sweet gold, sweet exp AND A BOX! And I say to myself, whoahhh, this is going to be hell of a box! Yes, 3 commons… 3 COMMON ITEMS. What is the risk/benefit balance? WHAT IS THE ****** POINT OF GRINDING INSANE BIG BOY? I see none. What are your experiences?
P.S. Ah, yes, I seem a bit negative again, sorry, folks!


Results on BB hard difficulty (21st of Nov):
11 runs as follows:
3x hard = 0 boxes !!! wtf !!
1 box - then another 3 fails !!!
2nd box, 2 fails, 3rd box
– Boxes content:
1 rare 2 common
3 common
1 rare 1 common

No wonder why there is every day less and less people in ladder…
Go figure…


my most of the clan member are below 10 ladder they wait for good item like nightfall annihilator any good torso, some of them wont even get corrupt light n malice beam to start with. so after few days of endeavour eventually they lose interest n quit game.


Playerbase :

Right now at “IV: Decline” …

Would be possible …

… if they would give at least …

  • a good way for F2P gamers (better % for good items, making no secret about the %)

  • also better % for bought boxes (better % for good items, making no secret about the %)

Both would lead to a consistant playerbase AND to much much more money spend :exclamation:

But seems tacticsoft isn’t interested in more money, just to give the player bad chances and to give them the feeling that they have to spend money :grey_exclamation:
(instead of letting them spend with FREE will, which would let them spend more)

Did I say anything wrong :question:



The experience has shown that all the previous statement about the increase and quality drop boxes - a deliberate lie. Less drop, less epic, more commons. In all campaign missions. Wonderful boxes can give one rare and one common (BB mission). :poop:

And that’s without touching the characteristics of damage and HP BB, remaining unchanged on a strange level, even since the nerf phys. As an example - the drone, insane mode, dealt 390 damage with my +41phys resistance :eyes:

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No, you said everything right.


exactly all settings about physic weapons damage is bad!

but the words of @Mohadib “you need to be lucky” is more easy win in las vegas!

Just use the money you got to buy boxes from the shop. Simple.

If I had enough money [which I don’t], I would buy play station.

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Yeah, Bigboy mission without any item drops is very frustrating. And all that effort for the insane mission??

I have given up farming for items in campaign. Ramboy makes do with the campaign requirement - easier, faster (1 hit kills haha!) and if an item drops, cool. If not, meh.

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Far from it. They just have a different thought process for getting it. Their idea is “if we make it impossible to get something, we will get a rush of income from people trying to get it before they give up and quit playing our game, but we’ll have some money” instead of “we could earn a steady flow of money and our player count would increase and people would love our game”

Quick smaller profit instead of long term increased profit. I think one of them wants to buy a house or car very soon so he needs the money as fast as possible instead of over a period of time.


I gave up on bigboy lole. It takes too much time and effort and fuel just to get some low rarity items or nothing.


100 % correct :exclamation:

I know that, my words was a hint to exactly that :grey_exclamation: But seems my english is to bad to be able to express such things with few words.

That’s why I like you so much, you always find the right words :exclamation:


I prefer to have long term profit, being able to buy whatever I want in future ! Instead of 1 house very soon, better 6 or 7 houses in 5 years :grey_exclamation:

P.S.: I thought Michael R. has already his house and his yacht :exclamation: :question:



I heard… they want to buy a box of bananas. :banana:

But don’t order it from @HappyPoppers … :mouse2: :exclamation:


Gave up on big boy after the drop nerf happened. After spending tokens on boxes only to get torsos and legs and maybe a malice beam, i am not sure what to do either.

I am the kind of person to spend 20 to 50 bucks a month on games like this. When my tokens net me crap, why would i buy more?

Bigboy takes too much time and effort to grind for nothing really. I had gotten tired of clash, started playing this game 2-3 months ago, but now i find myself playing clash again. Especially after running a boss 2-4 times and only getting charcoal boxes or nothing.

I believe the unicorn event was a unicorn indeed. After a while yesterdays event started non dropping.

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Just went BB 5 rounds in a row on hard.
60 fuel.
And… badamssss…
4 in a row without boxes, the fifth gave two rare.

About any chance, randomly and probability can not speak.
This is purely intentional nerf.

Lies, nerf and greed. You can shoot a movie. Oh yeah, is already there - have a contest for YouTube.


This is what I did, for last week I spent more time on the forum and on my YT content creation than in actual SM game. See, interaction with you, forum friends, and with my YT audience, gives me much more fun than SM itself… Sad but true…

hmmm… Wepwawet hinted about it

strategy socialization of online games and next monetization.

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