Experience error for the player and range error in campaign mode

Hello very good I want to report two errors but first I will start with the range error today I realized that in campaign in rank 25 but really sor rank 9 because this happens if they are small errors but at the beginning I thought to go down to rank 25

Well in this picture is pointed out also the little experience you get should be more because it is in extra difficult modeIt would have to be more 500 experience but I got 290 and I’m not surprised by these types of failures for so many faults that some minor and some very crazy and at the same time dangerous but goodand before I finish I realized this mistake if your opponent withdraws from the battle they do not give you the money that false that false! and I think birds are short of money I did not edit the last image because I was lazy xD


even on any rank , the rewards are the same , its half of the promised coins and exp

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