Exp Event I D E A

Because theres this glitch going on with MAD exp drops , i was thinking of 2 things.

  1. Exp event , insane amounts of exp :

Normal - 10k exp
Hard - 15k exp
Insane - 25k exp

  1. Exp boosters , boost your exp drops , 3 tiers.
  • 20 T for a 2x exp booster for 1 hour

  • 50 T for a 3x exp booster for 1 hour

  • 100 T for a 4x exp booster for 1 hour


Or x2 xp boost in premium acc

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Mohadib has confirmed with his announcement that this actually isn’t a glitch, but an intentional strategy for getting low level players to progress faster and tackle wait times.

in regards to your suggestion I see no issue with it but I think it’s pretty redundant given how much exp everyone is now getting from campaign missions. I think more necessary is another unicorn style event with good chances for legendary drops for a set period. that seems to be the biggest thing holding back most players of all levels atm - lack of key legendaries such as the leg-myth HP plates.