EXP Checkpoint from 150+ (Incomplete)


wait that’s what I said.


You agreed with winz. Not what you said… 39,834,400 is not to reach 166, but to reach lvl 167


Or you could see it as “Once you get to 166, the next milestone is 39,834,400”


How ever you guys wanna do it. That’s just how I would see it.




I agree my way of doing it is dumb.


What about using a chart?

Start lvl XP to lvl up
1 100
2 200
158 30,687,800

Or a code note:

Current lvl	XP for next lvl

Level   1:	       100
Level   2:	       200
Level ...:	       ...
Level 158:	30,687,800
Level ...:	       ...


I don’t quite understand what this is for, just keep farming till you level up, lol.


I don’t agree. I think that putting what you see once you hit that level is way less confusing for most people. So I like what Winz is proposing. Also, @Andernut or @cousin_joe or whoever. Does anyone wanna come up with the arithmetic for this? I’d do it, but I’m at work right now.


Thats exactly how I did it on my wiki page.


Okay, I solved the arithmetic equation for levels:

y = 41617(x)^2 - 1E+07(x) + 9E+08

Where y is the amount of experience you need to reach the next level and x is the level you currently see displayed.

1E+07 is the same as 10,000,000 and 9E+08 = 900,000,000

Actually, this might need some tweaking…


Dude do me a favour, take a look at my site for 150+

It seems like the difference between XP every level decreases, which makes no sense. I double checked it but can’t see where I went wrong.


Yeah, I messed up my equation too. Do you know what the level is at 150? I think my graph is messing up because of it.



Yes, the level at 150 is 150. :slight_smile:

Na I don’t tbh, I did levels 1 to 20 myself then 150 onwards from Superyeeters data.

I have a funny feeling the equations change though. At the start there’s a bit of a jump then it slows down again, may need to collect more data to get it accurate.


No, you are absolutely right. I thought the equation was a 2nd degree polynomial graph, but it seems to change. So basically… I’m not smart enough to make sense of the arithmetic coding, lol! Here’s my work if anyone cared to look at it. If you extrapolate it, the level will be way off, but it should give an idea of what lvl 199 will look like… maybe off by a few million though :frowning:


You lost me at polynomial.


I extrapolated my current equation a little further, and I am off by more than just a few million when compared to known values:


I’d imagine the first 10 levels are purposely like that to ease you into the game and the real pattern starts at level 10 onwards.

Level 152 to 160,from my maths it looks like the difference between every level decreases…


Yep, 100%. I noticed that too! So I thought about making 2 equations (1 for the increasing 2nd degree polynomial and 1 for the decreasing polynomial), but then it just became way too much work. I thought about plugin it into wolframalpha or something like that that will solve the arithmetic for me, but that just became too time consuming, lol! Basically, I give up.


So it does decrease? I didnt mess up the maths?

Tbh I may redo it in spreadsheet so I can just get it to do the maths for me instead.