EXP Checkpoint from 150+ (Incomplete)




I wonder if lvl 200 is below or above 100 mil exp


@Super_Yeeter is that 25,169,200 to get to level 151 or how much you need at level 151 to get to next level?


I hope you don’t mind but I grabbed the data you provided and added it to my wiki, I was working on the same thing from level 1 but only got as far as level 20.

Supermechs wiki

If anyone was patient enough you could provably find the XP per level pattern looking at the numbers.


Actually… I either really messed up or the amount of xp each level after 150 gets less each time…


You have the info wrong @LowKee
Level 166 is 38,541,200. That is the peak to reach 166, 38,541,200

So all those need to be up a lvl.


@JamAnime12 I’ve done xp til next level.

So at level 165 you need to get to 38,541,200 to reach the next level.


You need 38,541,200 XP to reach level 166

To reach 165 you need 37,287,800


@JamAnime12 Which is what I’ve put just in a slightly different format. So at level 165 you need 38,541,200 to get to level 166.

At 164 you need 37,287,800 to reach next level which is 165.


oh, ok… Then that cool…


I going to take your data aswell.



Help yourself fella. It’s all for the greater good.





167 = 39,834,400


wait so if I’m level 160, I put down 161 - ####?


You put the # on the right of the bar.


no no

if we take this:

would Jam be right or would it be put as 166 = 39,834,400




ahh, good. That’s how I did it for all the 170+ levels :sweat_smile:


It should be the peak. Just like in upgrades
The peak to hit 18 from 17 is 27,493
To get to 19, need 31,399
And to completely achieve 20, you need the peak which is 35,822

So the lvl should be on the right

Your gonna end up putting level 199 at the end.