EXP Boost - Even better than Bigboy!


I don’t know if someone else has mentioned this but as you know, Bigboy gives 10,000 exp for 10 energy which is insane because I am smashing through levels but I found that a different level aside from Bigboy that gives almost the same amount but of EXP for half the energy… which is good for anyone wanting levelling up!

If you go back a stage from Bigboy, you can see that Mission 7 has much better value for EXP and virtually the same amount of gold for its energy! Pictures below.

Enjoy your grinding!


This was known for a while already. On another note, from 70-80 and above, you’ll want to complete hard/insane (if you can), so you can keep the same endless lvling without needing to refuel or wait for a bit of fuel to lvl again. Also of mission six in overlords, aka the one before 7 (7 I wouldn’t even attempt to try on auto pilot on insane).


do mission 6 from the last zone , 5 runs on insane and you got 90k exp


Am i going mad?


What do you think about this lol


only took like 30 min


I leveled up 5 times in 1 hour or something close to an hour




congrats bro…I will post when I level up 2day


Mission 6 is better and easier


Not everyone can farm it though. But as these guys progress (and hopefully are smart with their mech builds), they can start to farm normal/hard and insane mission 6. Until then, happy lvling everyone!


I think it’s because you are a lower level than others thus you recieve less. I could be wrong.


Nobody complaining about how this is such a horrible thing?
huh thats a first… :slight_smile:


Yes bcz that’s the first “good” thing that they have done for us