exchanging objects or giving away an object

Hello, Good morning, I bring you a good idea that my friend has asked me for a long time, this idea will appear to be in sand, marked on the sides, is a room where you put your weapon you want to give or change and people will select and market with you, or even give coins, if the weapon is driven no matter how you get level 2 depends on how the player used that weapon, for my friend he needs weapons and I do not know how to change them, for that is this idea , because I have some weapons that he needs and I need to inform the moderator to see this idea, what if it can not be given are the tokens, you can change Power Kits, color kit and more, but that if you think the one that exchanges the weapon, if you are going to give it away just do not put anything in the exchange and accept and accept, if you are going to exchange put 1 weapon and the 1 weapon and exchange it, depends what the player demands in exchange

I hope you like my Fabulous Idea

Best regards


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Hi,! I would love to see this idea, I need more items to buy from coins.

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If this is something similar to item trading , a big NO from me for the zillionth time


There we go again…
That will not happen;even Elcent said it’s a no-go quite a while ago,actually.
Plus there are so many reasons why something like this wouldn’t work…
-Players would abuse this system
-The devs wouldn’t spend this much time to add something like this
-It’s unrealistic
-Could be easily cheated
-Would be unfair in case someone gives good gear to new guys (that being a friend/relative etc)
And all that…



This has been requested for zillion times. But it will never be added. NEVER. EVER.

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There are so many topic just like this one, the answer is NO! it will NEVER happen…

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Players have pestered the staff to add a “trading” option.

They can make alts , get good items , and transfer it to them.

Broken , why add it?

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don’t you read back topics?

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Good premise, but will not work because then players could make multiple accounts and farm off themselves