Exchanging items


Hi. My name is MrC3214. I and many other players wish for there to be a trading system. Some argue, though that this would not be a good update, due to the fact that players could farm gold. However, how would it be different than farming tokens or gold? if you farm gold, there is a chance you can get the items and upgrade easily. I want a nightfall, and robot x wants a flaming hammer. We would trade if we were able to.I and players such as robot x want to trade items, but we are unable to do so. It would help improve clans. It would improve players. It doesn’t have to be free though. It could cost a small fee, such as 15,000 - 25,000 gold. plz, here me out.


The problem is not the trade itself, but many players with second and third accounts would trade good items between its accounts, making impossible to beat them… Trade is not allowed because it would make the game more unbalanced than already it is…




I like the idea, but I think it would make rarer items less valuable, so it wouldn’t be as cool if you were to get them in a pack. For example, you can buy an entire mech in a shop using tokens. I did this in order to get Annihilation and Nightfall, which seem to have low drop rates, but I can only do this once, but I could do this more times if I farmed tokens on the easier campaign missions on multiple accounts.

People would get too powerful far too quickly, and it’s a way better experience to get gradually better.



Why do such players have to ruin such good ideas? I know many who would support this idea, but there are those who would take advantage of it. :rage:


Point is, in SM, there is way too much imbalances to make the trading/exchanging/anything idea work and stay be somewhat fair and not game-breaking…


good idea , but the only thing that is bad on this idea , It costs a small fee , Like why do you think that TacticSoft would add the trading system that gives you the ability to trade a legendary with only 25,000 gold , it should not even be gold it should be tokens