Exchange rooms, read and give me your opinion


first than all clans here are useless if you arent on a top clan so why dont we make them better?
i got 3 sugestions for you guys so ill try to make the polls today

The exchange rooms!
Dont you have some mythicals you dont use and others you desesperatly need?
well with this you could exchange 1 by 1 mythical with your clan partners
would be in 4 categories to avoid unfair exchanges like a module by a torso
the categories would be:
Body (torso and legs)
Weapons (top and side weapons)
Special items (drones, teleport and grapling)
you could do as many exchanges as you want but the number of mythicals you got wont change, and if you want to exchange with people from other clans there are 2 options
a) join to the other clan
b) ill post this with clan battles and WAR poll soon
what if i want to exchange an upgraded item?
well i got 2 ideas here
a) items also exchange their levels
b) you got the equivalent power kits[poll public=true]

  • Exchange its a need!
  • Im fine, i prefer to exchange my acc with others
  • I dont understand this so ill stay neutral


People would make multiple accounts link em together in the same clan and farm mythicals (the useful ones) all into one acc. So no. Trading will never be added unless we figure out a way to prevent farming. It’s been discussed a 1000 times, to the point where people will think you’re a noob if u do suggest it. Even then, it’s just common sense. I thought about it and it immediately occurred to me how easy it is to abuse.


tee hee then it would be simple i dont see why you think its complex
nerf the exchange
a player can just exchange 15 times per acc if they say something about then it would be 10 times per year that way your main acc cant be farmed with a lot of “good myths” or at least cant be farmed in shortly

i like this idea for 3 reasons:
1 make clans useful
2 gives me the option of chose something in the game
3 makes the game more social


But if cost of creating clan is increased it would be difficult

I suggest it should be increased to 100,000,000 SM Coins


That would Make clans a gold nugget xD
but yes indeed create a clan its too cheap here you dont need to do anything
also if a clan is disbanded it should give some gold to all like 50% of the original cost to the leader and 25% to the other members