Example of a great physical tanker mech made with the claws

Notice that im not having my modules or any of the items maxed , but they gets really great stats every thing is updated fully , HP , energy/heat caps and regen/cooldown shall be significantly increased

The untility items used as claw cant move

This is only one example , remind you that there are still people with non energy consumption heat mechs with plat plates that ignore the energy part to bost themselves even greater , meaning that its a gigant hulking fortress of HP

This is “balanced” dont you think ?


That looks like it will work but I can’t try it so then you are a turret then since the claw can’t move

This is still not tanky enough. Run zarks + two plates + claws and then two heat\4 energy engines. With said weapons.

or if you’re rico run four energy storage units more energy and more tankiness against energies.

I just realized, this with plat plates, spartans, mercy, and max protector would be stupidly over powered…

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Oh to make it a tank you can do terror crys and other things tat go boom

Its not tanky enough because i dont have everything maxed silly , just an example

Ah touche touche, but I’m thinking with everything maxed out.

my mind works too fast

This and the one I listed would be overkill, and frankly I wouldn’t be surprised to not see them in the coming weeks!

That will get overweight when the claw is mythed,its weight will increase from 942 to 1002

Some manage ment cant be done to get rid of that 2 kg and get things done

I think an all-range electric sentry mech would be more effective.


CANOPY from reign reforged already built 2 monster mechs with the claws.




İ saw one yesterday just after portal opening. He switched both his builds now? WHat are his feedbacks??

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20 winstreak

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it says it all. Working on one myself. Well see.

The only blind spot with it is range 7-8. As L4K3 stated, an energy turret mech would be better IMO. I personally don’t think phys is the way to go with The Claw; if you were drained, you’d be dead in the water.

If you are phys with claws , and fighting a phys.

They have no chanse to just come forward to you.

Unless they use something far-range.

I’m pretty sure that’s exactly the first mech everyone would make after getting those legs.

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I was thinking a mech with Zark, Claw, Mighty Cannon, Spartan Carnage, Nightfall and Annihilation would be a good one. Other than weakness to drainers it would cover all ranges just fine and kill plenty fast.

Is too lazy to figure out modules and weight

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