Evolution of Robota V3


Hello folks, Walter here again with more thoughts and musings on SM.

As before contents may offend the sensitive

As my progress through this game continues. I start to notice things, habits and patterns that are likely subjective or possibly programmed in.

Artificial Awareness: Fighting the computer.

In this game PC vs NPC fights are the main way to improve. The computer fights in predictive ways, and does things which make no sense. Therefore as follows are my thoughts on a way to, not give the NPC a chance to win (They have enough of that as is.), but rather as a pilot they should at least adapt to a situation. These thoughts have occured to me in no particular manner and this is Not code I am writing but rather a way to express how the AI -could- fight.

1: Target A: Run a list check on Target B (Check parts vs parts which has higher values/tier). Target A engage in ranged combat if X value of Target B is higher then Y, Target A use Teleport/Boost/Grapple to maintain distance from Target B. If in melee range then perform function A: Using melee combat to keep target B outside of range, or function B: Use highest damage weapons in 1-2 combo for first turn in melee range then use walk/jump to get out of range.

This sort of AI would be the classic sort of missile boat/laser user. Never get close, never stop moving, hit them as often as you can.

2: Target A: Run a list check on Target B(Check Damage total of weapons+Total HP), IF damage =- 1/2 or less then engage in mid to long range combat. Use highest damage weapon in 1-2 combo, then stagger with secondary weapons based on position of Target B within 1-6 Spaces. IF damage =+1/2 or higher, use jump/teleport to maintain medium distance. Fire all weapons each turn able. Alternate Weapon/ Deploy drone IF target HP =+1/2 or higher then Target A.

This would be your basic mid range blaster type. Relies on weapons damage and group firing to hit target. Smart enough to stay in optimal weapons range.

3: Target A: Deploy drone first turn. Then activate Booster/Teleport and move to Target B. IF attack option remains use melee attack and/or range 1-2 weapon. Then Run a list check on Target B(Check total remaining HP vs total.) IF HP greater then 1/2 use best ranged weapon, then jump out of range via Teleport or movement option. Use best weapon at 2-4 range on Target B, then use Grapple to pull into range. Next turn melee attack and use strongest weapon at 1-2 range. Continue close range attack with 1 melee and 1 1-2 range weapon until Target B at -1/2 HP, Then move out of range, attack with longest range weapon and continue to do so.

This AI would be your aggressive in your face then drop back AI, Attack and move/stick and move as fast as possible and often as possible. Back the target into a corner cause damage then drop back.

Just my thoughts on the matter since the AI is always Deploy Drone, Pew Pew, Grapple Swing Swing, or Shoot. Then either Teleport or Charge. Over and over again. Not that I want the AI to be super powerful, but in many mecha games the type of mech build effects how the AI fights.

Training the Terminator: Programming your Mecha AI

The basic “Trainer” AI for your mech seems to fight in a balanced fashion, however it cannot easily handle sudden changes like moving from ranged to melee, or continuing to attack during Overheat moments, or even using the best weapons on a target early on to cause the most damage. So, in light of that. I am again going to dig back into the past of the Mecha genera of games and share something from the PS1 days.

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnage_Heart This game. One of the early combat games, featuring mecha which you program; this game also reminds me of SM in a lot of ways! Specifically, this game uses a Flow chart system of tile base AI programming, where you pick from a list of options, building the method your AI battles against a foe. You had some ability to have more then one based on a situation, but, the ability to quickly and easily program your AI was brilliant.

A program tile system like this, a literal drag and drop process; which is graphically easy to create considering the style of this game; and depending on the programming language OF SM, might be easier.

Doing this, would only work in campaign mode obviously, but the ability to plan, program and watch your mecha fight, might give you advantages in terms of weapons tactics, movement and so forth. The process would also potentially allow players to create custom AIs completely, and since I see the sprite pack has been let go, and there are many fan projects, this could -theoretically- allow players to make custom maps with a mod system.

So, yes, there is my OMG NO U, thoughts on how SM AI operates. Just idle musings on the mecha.



so is this basically like the ai evolving after each error until it thinks like us


Yes, think of games like… StreetFighter Alpha? I think, it has a ai that learns your moves and adapts. A pilot that adapts will always be a interesting opponenet.


that would sound really cool, although it will be a double-edged sword for us

and i wouldn’t wanna discount the devs too much but that’s a lot of complex programming


It would work for enemy ai or for autoplay ai too?


Hm TBH I had not considered that! But I certainly think so, since from what I have seen from observing the autoplay AI fight whatever script that controls combat in game for the NPCs seems to be the same as your mecha.

It would certainly make missions more intereting and possibly replayable if you dont know exactly how the AI will fight back. It might actually make the auto fighting something worth watching instead of having running in the background.