Evolution of Robota v2

As before none of this should be taken as demands or must haves -these are only thoughts on the game overall-, Warning contents may offend the offendable.

Facing the fires of Vulcan: Reforging.

The following thoughts are a proposal about items in game.

Now then, clearly, the game has a tremendous wealth of items… I have barely scratched the surface, seeing some of these builds. However, the wide variety of equipment has made me wonder… After a certain point are you locked into equipment or else? Or are you out of options for the gear itself?

My thoughts on this matter are Reforging. Many games (Terraria/Minecraft spring to mind as does Diablo II LOD), allow you to gamble for gold on all of your items permitting a ‘recooking’ of their variables. In a game like this, perhaps this would extend gear further, pushing it.

1: Gear could only be forged into like items. (rare-rare, epic-epic, etc.), rerolling the bonuses each time based on both the Level of the item and its rarity factor. Such as… Headhunter: Epic, well what say I would like to have a chance to lower its energy cost at the risk of losing a few points of damage? Or say the same item is a bit too heavy, and want to roll to try and lower it. Since the items seem to be semi randomly generated, this process would essentially be a extension of the existing gamble for items.

2: This would only be attained after a quest, say all gear must be Legendary or higher, and its a long hard fight similar to the portal lay out. At the end of beating it for each difficulty you would unlock the ability to reforge higher (starting with common-common, then rare-rare for Normal; then epic-epic and legendary-legendary, for Hard; then mythic-mythic for Insane.)

3: This would allow a interesting chance to improve items, let us imagine, your mech is pure electrical damage. You figure you are set up great then suddenly an amazing weapon pops up… However it is Phys or Exp. Reforging would give you the chance to make it match your build, or if it is good enough change all of your items to match it.

4: As in many games, the number of times reforging an item ups the cost. So, using this proposal one might say that it starts at oh… 3600 for common, then goes up perhaps… 12% each time. rare could be 4200 + 15% each time and so forth each variable for each tier of equipment increasing the cost to enhance.

5: Chaos in the forge, there would also be a random risk of reducing the item one tier downward, to add a bit of risk involved… As if the blacksmith missed hitting just the right spot.

Titles of War: Naming your mecha.

  1. Each of the mecha should be able to carry a name beyond the pilot name. With the overall size of the current screen layout, it could be possible to place it in a bracket next to the pilot name. This is mostly for cosmetic sake, but many games of this style allow you to do so.

  2. The name of the mecha would also reflect its overall rating (Rare, Epic, Etc) via a color code that is based on whatever the mechas total number of highest tier items is.

… … … …
Tapping the Ghost in the Machine: Thoughts on drone function.

Now then, originally I was impressed as heck by the drones… A free to use floating cannon??? Yes Please!.. However now, the honeymoon has worn off. IMO, the drone is essentially worthless. Unless there are very very high end ones that can lay down 150+ damage, really they are only useful for reaching across the field at a target.

With this in mind, I pondered. In many mecha games there are assistant bots, turrets, gun buddies. Etc. They often perform various features from combat to defense.

So, thinking along those lines. I have the following thoughts on Secondary Properties on a drone.

Property 1: -Rejuvenation-: A drone with this property heals the mecha +1hp a second. This might be the difference between a solid win and a lucky shot utterly ruining you.

Property 2:-Sentry-: A drone with this property will move in the way of the -First- attack that hits a mecha to absorb the damage. This will then render the drone inoperable for the remainder of the fight, but might just keep you alive.

Property 3:-Warmachine-: A drone with this property deals bonus damage of its type on the first round of combat it is deployed. This bonus ranges from perhaps 2% for common up too 10% for Mythical.

Property 4:-Calculator-: A drone with this property enhances the mecha defenses by +1 across the board for common-rare, +2 for epic-legendary and +3 for Mythical.

Property 5:-Hammer-: A drone with this property lends all melee attacks +2% damage based on tier of the drone from common to Mythical.

Property 6:Megacannon-: A drone with this property lends all ranged attacks +2% damage based on tier of the drone from common to Mythical.

A drone may only have a single property that is randomly generated when the drone is Leveled up to level 1 the first time, in a manner similar to choosing character skills and powers when a character is new but with a element of randomness to it to prevent people stacking one type for all drones they carry.

The Warrior Within: Unlocking Finishers.

When I used my first finisher I was so utterly happy, still getting them is a amusing thing. They are a great throwback to all of the 2d fighting games of the past. My thoughts on a possible alteration to them though are as follows.

When a finisher is unlocked, a mecha should also gain an Alpha strike(Battletech term for firing all guns off at once) as a possible secondary way, regardless of the build of the mecha.

A melee mech would hit multiple times/stomp; a missile mech would unleash a robotech worthy missile massacre, you energy boats would light the target up like the sun itself. I am sure you see where this is going.

The built in finishers are great, but feel… Well, unfinished! I would also suggest that bonus rewards of some level be given for that, since a finisher is just that, the final blast; you may as well make it grand. Imagine the replays in vs fights with finishers like listed above, it could be a epic thing to witness.

But basically in alpha strike all weapons regardless of if they are out of uses or not, would auto fire in a long blasting flashy stream of exploding mecha death.

Especially since these mecha dance, breathe, wiggle around and so forth. Dancing after a impressive finisher, would be akin to the superbowl performance and possibly just as amusing since everyone likes to celebrate victory.

Shouldering the weight: Thoughts on shields

I am aware of the very… Mixed, feelings on shields in this game having just seen a hefty argument about it… So! Hold onto yer butts, because here is my thoughts on shielding them!

1:A mecha may only mount one type of shield, similar to the resist augments; however it would be tier locked. If your mech is mostly common you can only mount a shield with a common value, if it is rare, rare. This would encourage steady advancement since one always wants better protection, it is natural.

2: A mecha with a shield surrenders its ability to strike first in vs combat to a mecha without a shield considering the potential defensive properties of a shield in this game.

  1. So, knowing that, if, and I do mean if Shields were designed similar to my thoughts on it. using a energy and heat generation drain for each shield, yes pilot A can turn on their shield, but they cannot move or fire back… And with a steady energy drain/heat gen, pilot A cannot just camp behind the shield, or rely on it to give them a unstoppable edge… Since, energy break is sorta the final word on that. No power, nothing works. The drain on this type would be based on the tier of the shield, higher tier=more drain.

  2. Shields are -Heavy- considering they represent some kind of energy deflector, charged armor, magnetic field or whatever. A balance could also be to make them hefty so one has to choose carefully which modules to have mounted in similar to the weight of the rocket booster as I think that is the heaviest thing for modules I have seen so far.

  3. Shields provide single modification values; as in they only improve or block one resist/type of damage/effect… Such as say blocking Exp dmg for a percent, but it has no effect on Phys or Elect.

  4. Shields are vulnerable to mythic weapons. Due to the nature of their power only a Mythical shield can block Mythical weapons, all other types provide no protection against them. From what I have seen it is -hard- to get Mythical weapons, so with how powerful they are, they would simply blast through lesser protections.

  5. Disable chance: Just like in all of the sci fi trope about shields, many of them can be overloaded or disabled, a critical hit on a mech with a shield would disable the shield for the remainder of the battle; essentially its ability to protect has been overcome.

That is about all I have to offer on the subject considering I have read that there are basically two camps to what to do with them in general.

Tiny Tanks and Beasty Buggies.

Many mecha games allow you to steal and update anything you run into; from jeeps to helios to tanks and so forth. Since the NPC machines seem to use the same weapons, same damage types and the like. Why not allow the ability to build tanks and buggies.

These machines would have different options for module/side guns/top guns based on their type. They might have much lesser options and make you -really- think about what you are doing. A battle between a tank well equipped and a mecha might be a utterly different thing. Tactics vs mecha are one thing, but tactics against a tank/buggie could be something separate; imagine a tank with teleport! Reach out and touch someone alright.

So, dear reader, there you go once again a assemblage of my thoughts and musings on this game. Nothing suggested as a absolute, nothing as a demand… nothing intended to come across as Op. But as before, I always expect nitpicking and dissent. I accept that all opinions are not always in line. As a gamer, I simply share my musings as they are. Enjoy them, hate them, either way.




That is perfectly fine, not everyone will. It is a lengthy thought stream either way.

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Great concepts.
I won’t comment as I pretty much agree with all,especially the part where you name your mechs and make buggies :laughing:
Btw.I appreciate the effort you put into this.You wrote very clearly and also organised the text.Keep it up!

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i like some of these ideas. but no to your idea about shields, and im kinda on the fence about the whole buggy/tank thing.

regarding reforging, the idea is nice, but i’m wondering what the scope of advantages/disadvantages are if an item is not “devolved” (down 1 tier). cuz if i see valiant snipers that cost no energy to fire and other weapons that cost tons of energy to fire and lots of heat to accumulate. there should be a cap when you do gamble for a new set of numbers, perhaps like a +/- 20% cap. so if i take that valiant sniper example, its energy cost (or some other factor like dmg) could only be gambled up or down to the maximum of 20%.

the drone idea is nice too, but perhaps without that “rejuvenation” thing

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of course, this is why I try to write out my thoughts farily well to spur conversation and discussion since I am admittedly new to SM, but I do agree caps and such are always needed to avoid it sliding too far either way. Fun is fun of course but I always like balance over all things.