Everything changed, so confused?


I played this about 2 years ago. I go back, and now all of it has changed. How do people have all these powerful weapons and shields and I can’t even deal above 130 damage without exceeding the weight?

(Sorry if I sound like an idiot, I just have no idea what to do)


Everything changes after a while. What do you expect being gone for 2 years, everything stay the same. Not going to happen. (Not to be rude thought) I tripped out also a while back. Well, good luck. Hope to see you in the arena…


Shop removed
Mythicals are more deadly

Money Money Money


:tada: :confetti_ball: You are in for big surprise ;soon it will change more …way faster


New mythical rareity weapons released, some deal 100+ damage per use. Most top mechs have 120+ cooling, and some legs add 80 heat to the enemy or deal 100+ damage. Oh and a new major update coming out in a week or two. Maybe a month. All these new powerful items were released, and every month or so you get 2 gold boxes. Since it has been 2 years since you left, people have received about 20-30+ gold boxes in all that time. Gold boxes usually contain 1-3 of the new items. New campaign was released, and the tournament system changed.


earlier i used to play on lvl 15 only. Change is inevitable.