Every time less


If I remember correctly, until yesterday, the first battles that you play in the day gave you 8,500 coins and a mix box.

Well, today I received the 8,500, but no box …

I have thought that there is someone on the Tacticsoft team who is very upset with us. It’s not just about raising more money, no. I have observed that the more improvements we ask for, the more they seek to put us down.

It’s like someone (and somebody with some authority of course), is angry with us and tries to make things more and more difficult. And why are they angry? It is not our fault that they are wrong with the update. On the contrary, we have tried to conform ourselves, in spite of everything that made us lose.

Why do they this then? If the old players don´t serve them, why don´t they tell us directly “get out of here!”?


They want the old players gone because they know to much truth about the pitfalls of the game. The new players will be turned off. All they have to do is read the forums and reviews. War Robots has 10 million downloads and a 4.5 rating on Google Play. Their game is pay to win as well, but you get premium membership options as well as buying credits. With War Robots you know when you spend money you will get what you’re paying for.


Actualy i’m a f2p player in “war robots”, in silver league, and i casualy play like 10 battles on it… and it’s ok.
I mean, i rarely get into battles that i meet OP players, usualy the wepons are kinda of balanced.
The bots are well sought for, there is specialisation, and what you put in … doesnt get deleted.
And yeah the things you can buy are really worth it.
And they dont force you into buying… there is no inv limit, no restrains like that.
You can grind, you can upgrade pretty much evrything.
And it requiers skill, tactic, strategy…


If we agree and we go to another game, I want to go with you.

I do not want to go alone and be without my friends.


the real question is why do all the unproductive conspiracy theorists and moaners keep getting my hopes up saying they’ll leave then come right back again with 3 new threads the next day? if you want to go for god’s sake go.


The game is garbage. My friends are a treasure. That’s why I’m not leaving.

I am one of the people who value more people than any game of crap.

I know you can not understand this, but obviously you and me were educated differently.


how on earth did get to this image of @Wepwawet waving players goodbye?? Wep, I love this orange bracelet! Where did you buy it?


I stole it from Tutankhamen’s tomb…


I knew it, just knew it! And this is what is left when you clean your makeup, right?



@Misfit you do moan so bad when i stomp you, and act like a tough guy here on forum, yet you squeel like a little girl evry time you end up under my heel. Now you talk sheet about people having diferent opinions about this game, you feel the need to bully them. The fact remains the damn same, this game is a money pit. It has always been, wanna stay on top… throw the wallet
@Mordulec yeah you wanna join the lgbt movement of missfit? You know she speack the truth about the game, and there is alot of problems with it in alot of ways.
Regarding leaving this game, i know both of you little ones would like me to leave it, so that the hammer wont hit you again and again… but you know what that is the way to tough you up… you know steel is made like that…
Also Wep takes missfit to school… in a special cart…
Your’s truly the El Hammer


@El_Metre, listen man, THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A JOKE. J O K E. You know,

Got it?


Well there are jokes and there are jokes, but dont pick on a woman’s makeup… it is crossing the line. Do you see me picking on lanny’s size? Come on those are like not nice things… a woman’s makeup are like the walls of Troy.
Like the tittle says… evrytime less… and less… and less… till missfit stops moaning.


Guess what Wep, another nerf happened just few hours ago…


puff … that thing looks like a zombie …

The mummies are really nice…


Say’s the one who gave me a serious Death Threat after I smashed him so often !




And you like it :)), you soo like it, when i give it to you :wink:
1 way ticket to Mexico for you :))


Es evidente los nuevos tienen imposible avanzar, los antiguos solo porque teníamos muchos míticos basura es que hemos avanzado, los que farmean antes de que cagasen a bigboy lograron avanzar, los que metieron dinero y compraron cajas antes de que solo dieran un legendario de mierda es decir lograron avanzar
< Sin power kits de nada sirve tener los legendarios, siquiera los venden por decir, me gasto 10,000 tokens en cajas y 8000 en powerkits, 3 mechs style rising
< Pero como están las cosas actualmente, ni comprando cajas normales logras conseguir suficiente por día como para maxear un item mítico, lo que es peor si ya no te quedan old-míticos XD!


"dreams dreams dreams"

Wake up lil boy !




lol … I saw it !! They are desperate, right?

but the “impossible” is only a little more difficult.


you do not stomp me. I beat you and wepawet routinely, not that I would bring up such a purile thing since it has zero relevence. I’m simply sick of you all posting random conspiracies such as zelet being a tacticsoft plant or mixing up the rewards for certain things being a deliberate attempt to drive players away then claim you’ll leave but come back and post some more tosh the next day.