Events In Battledawn


I think a great way to engage new and old users alike is to run events.

For Example: King of the Hill, A forum driven draft, Championship Era, or any other cool ideas.

I would love to hear suggestions and for Admins to be more reticent about providing such events.


Totally agree!

Admins have done events throughout the years and we’ve improved the tooling to do so over the past year too.

You may have noticed lately we’ve had a few cool event era’s testing out new rules, I hope we can do more “classic” events as well like KOTH, Schoolyard Showdown and anything else players request a lot. Maybe even make an achievement for playing an event era. :slight_smile:

Any ideas for specific events are very welcome - admins do take quite some inspiration there. Of course some events (like Schoolyard Showdown) work best when organized by players - in which case I don’t think any admin would refuse to help advertise it and host it on his world. :slight_smile:


Actually, the admins have always loved doing special events ^^

I helped create and run a few of them myself previously and the admin’s are usually quite willing to work with you to set them up. The biggest issue is just ensuring that the event you are requesting is do-able and flexible if not. Some events only required organization (like Schoolyard Showdown or Battle Contest) while others required insight from an admin to determine what was fully possible to do prior to running the event (King of the Hill).

If you have any ideas already, don’t be afraid to reach out to an admin. Or you can always post a fully thoughtout idea here on the forums (what I did in the past) to see what the community thinks of it as well and get feedback!


Hmm When I saw the havoc event post ,it clicked me too and was gonna make a post but you beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:
Just a few days ago i talked to Alex about this :smiley:

Well Allow me to enlighten you :smirk:
We can have a variety of events, And every era can have a NEW event and POPULAR events can be repeated based on choice of players,we can have polls for most popular event every week/month or something,like the polls for custom era’s

Well events are upto Admins,Here are some i enjoyed or thought of:
1:Three way vote(You vote out of three options by admin in pm for release of xtals,relics,units on mines,shield etc)
2:Mines with xtals
3:Admin controlled super colonies
and the list goes on

Mind You the event should be a side event,it would suck if the World concentrates on event only and the clash b/w players and all the normal world things is forgotton in between

Show me your thoughts about this please,is it possible

It wont even cost as much as the new server for CE etc,
And it will be easier,

Lets Make Events a part of Every BD era, #majorchange


Personally, I really like the idea of a drafted system. Alliance teams of 10 are organised on the forum and individual players are told which alliance to join. That way everyone has a fair chance and its all mixed up - Creating for a good play.

Any opinions?


We need another Admins alliance fight. Was gr8


Wait when did that happen?


i remember admins fought in F4


I think this will probably not be beneficial for the Admins because they will lose money, but I would like to see maybe once every 3 months or so a world where no boosting is allow. I feel like although it might be hard, it will be interesting. Once I talked to Jazz about it but it will be pretty fun to see something like this.


Then who was Admin??
And were they in same team?
What about the outcome did they win?


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