Event Gold Rush Portal

Like it! Is an easy way to earn money! Also I recorded a vid about this gonna upload it soon. Tell me guys, how do you like the event?

  • Is awesome!
  • Is good.
  • An easy way to earn money!
  • It sucks!
  • Is not so good.
  • Uselless…

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good if u r looking for gold.bad if u r looking for items. “gold rush” should be followed up with “epic item hunt”


I wonder who is actually looking for gold.

The daily missions provide more than enough gold to fuse all the items you find.

The only thing to do with extra gold is to buy more item boxes, which get expensive so quickly that it doesn’t work out so well.

I love the fact that is gives 45 tokens total. It boosts my chances of getting better items a lot.

When I read “Gold Rush” I thought we’d be getting gold items — LEGENDARIES… :confused:

My vote on the above survey would have been different if the gold was actually there in a RUSH form not a fizzle!!

Legendaries would have been nice but that would be to good for us to actually have happen.


I give it props ONLY for the first mission of each difficulty level when it gave tokens it also gave VERY good amounts of gold.
Then oh what a surprise (SARCASM) the gold dropped off to very little.

These are from the first try, the second try it dropped miserably
2017.11.12= NORMAL - COST 6 Fuel - Claimed we get 3,700 but GOT 14,500
2017.11.12= HARD - COST 8 Fuel - Claimed we get 5,550 but GOT 31,430
2017.11.12= INSANE - COST 10 Fuel - Claimed we get 7,400 but GOT 63,650

if they stayed at these high gold levels I would have concidered it a GOLD rush
but on second try and on it was JUST A FIZZLE!!!

The following are the numbers are from 2nd 3rd tries etc
2017.11.12= NORMAL - COST 6 Fuel - Claimed we get 3,700 but GOT 6,200
2017.11.12= INSANE - COST 10 Fuel - Claimed we get 7,400 but GOT 9,650

Then if you noticed a quicky update TS did it got even worse later.

If the rest of you somehow made good money compared to BB map then I guess I just caught it after the nerfaholics raped it.

Bring back the awesome Unicorn type map where we got good boxes, GOLD is a dime a dozen just have to mine it.


Stay tuned… we have lots of portal types we can open.


Cant really complain about free stuff (though many here somehow find a way) but I’m hesitant to go as far as to call it “awesome” tbh.

That’s exciting. Anything with potential for legendary items would be amazing :slight_smile:

Well, this sounds good. Variety. :slight_smile:

Was it really free? There was no advertising (if you don´t buy tokens), the missions were free of fuel (fill the tank costs 20 tokens) …?

If you tell me that for you that is “free” anyway, I would tell you that the entire campaign is free. What has been the difference?

I was not even among the privileged ones who obtained 60,000 coins per mission. The insane ones gave me 9,650. To me it was not so free or so cool, the truth …

When I had to congratulate them for the unicorn, I was the first to do it, but this time I stared at the ceiling.

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don’t open anymore portals.a single map to be played several times is boring.instead raise the gold/items on each level for a limited amount of time u like.more like a better version of the 8hr premium account