Event for silver box?


I think an event that increase the drop for silver box (with chance of legendary and minimum 2 rares for 24 hours) could be very good for everyone.

  • Yes ! It’s a good idea
  • No, it’s a bad idea

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need more legendrays…


everyone need more legendaries :wink:


i need less legendaries


Me too I need less legendary and more myths xD


It would be a great way to start the new year.
A bit of fussion materials(above avereage farming), and with a pinch of legendary dust, would help the newcomers a bit.


Not all of players in S.M. is RICH:thumbsdown: so I’m approve of that cause I need more legend!!


And exactly how would you get those myths? by fusing legs, you should be wanting more legs to make more myths. Current drop rate for them is garbage for anyone wishing to progress at a reasonable pace.