**Event** Ask the Team!


What type of mouse? Alive, dead, frozen, cooked??


Small dead field mouse and only eat one big half. You choose which side you eat :slight_smile:


Thats a good deal :slight_smile:


It was about a 50/50 split on who would or would not.

Some even say yes before the million dollar offer.


and it come with free bag of kettle corn :slight_smile:


Never look a gift mouse in the mouth


is that actually Fluxeon or just some random dude?



Yes he is @Fluxeon.


the biggest problem is they(thedevs???) say they fix other problems and basically create new ones… all i meant above was that the game isn’t working properly as previous. now i’ts ****ed up!!! then ya get the idiot gallery with the smart ass comments… :slight_smile::confounded::disappointed:


I guess my feeling of “Oh boy, this event would go horribly wrong” was correct.



Can we keep the shitposting off of the forums or in the shitpost thread Kaen made? thank you.


Maybe we need to change the statistics we thought for :grey_exclamation:



I don’t think this event has gone badly. I think people need to calm down and be a bit more realistic in expectations and appreciate what Sarah is trying to do.

Sarah is putting in effort to address the problem that you guys don’t hear much from the developers. However mocking the developers as soon as they arrive to the forum is a quick way to make sure they don’t reply to any further posts.

Its easy to post funny unrelated content on this forum to mock others but by doing so you are harming your own chances at getting the answers you really want. Better to work to support the community than to bring it down.

E.g. El Metre hosting a tournament run by himself. He asked for help and received a prize that will be given to the winner, a poster made by a community member and I believe an advertising video was also created. Also if anyone asks for help with setting up the SM AANC or SM Wiki I’m sure Sarah would be all ears.


i think mods and devs need to play campaign …it’s more than a feeling…
Really, grind it every day and maybe they’ll understand that its seems like a downgrade instead of an Upgrade.
I speak like a daily hard grinder player.
No offense. It’s a cool and a fun game. Sarah is between players and devs, it’s an hard work
But most of veterans (lvl 100+) who play every day, realise that’s a downgrade…So…
let’s see what happen


@Elcent : Is there any plan to improve the way you can personalize your mech? (More colors, more perks, introduce textures etc)
A: Yes, some of those you listed are easier to do than others. So some will happen soon and some will take longer.

@Dwightx : Do the (Devs/Staff/Tactisoft) Watch YouTube videos that are related to Supermechs or watch “dwightx” (me) on YouTube !?
A: Yes! We look at youtube videos at least once a week, you guys are awesome! There are so many videos and we send links between ourselves to share the notable ones. Of course, we are very excited to see how you experience the game and humbled by the amount of content you guys keep creating. It’s one of our sources of motivation for keep on making a great game for you guys!

** we will get too more questions next week! Have a good weekend!


Duuuuuude! These are not pressing issues.


Why you gotta put my name in this ? I never shit post


Yes also please let out my name :grey_exclamation:

If counting the answers from the on-going event is “shitposting” for you :interrobang:
The disgusting mouse-eating video got deleted, god thx, I reported it as soon as I saw it, such disgustings things have nothing to do here in a forum, where also a lot of kids are :exclamation:

I know that you like mice, but no need to try to talk all bad, who made a “joke”.
The one who posted the eating-mouse video, is the one to … (dont know the correct english word).



The main thing that made me step in was of course the video but I did see a few things that were off topic, stuff that was derailing into the conversation about the video in question instead of asking questions. As for the shitposting I judged your post making the connection between Fluxeon to Bugs Bunny as such. I know this is just friendly banter but I didn’t see it appropriate for this thread.

I will not further continue this discussion about my actions now, instead I will let this thread resume it’s original purpose.


Just in case you want to remove other potential harming contents that some people shitpost around here,
you can also start by removing this nice video, that a certain virgin uploaded, and that shows decapitation of another human beeing.

You really should stop with these, these things are really sick and disturbing.