**Event** Ask the Team!


Dev Johnny’s face after he logged on the forum this “mourning” to read posts related to him:

Faces of all TS team after reading all questions sent to them only yesterday:

And this is what we will see today as TS response:


I mean with this rate … 2 answers per day (out of 50 - or more questions) we will hit the magical 14 (!) answers with this …


Oh dear, that’s a lot of memes (?) posted up there. Anyways, my question is, why do boxes’ prices increase whenever we buy them? Is this necessary? The fact that fusing cost is pretty expensive, do we really need this feature? What is its purpose?

Because if getting common items for the price of 10k credits is not ridiculous, I don’t know what is.

If I may suggest a reasonable feature, I think the chance of getting epic items should be increased when boxes are more expensive because you bought alot of them.


I hope you filled in this question into the link from OP.

But seems you really missed a lot … if you wouldn’t, you would not have asked this question.

A real question (after tacticsoft “cut” everything possible) would be …

  • How much tokens will it cost in future to use the chat in game … 10 or 50 tokens per sentence :question:



I will give them the benefit of the doubt that they are compiling similar questions in order to give one answer to them. I am sure they are flooded with many of the same questions players have been asking since SM reloaded came out.


Well, @Joeyjojojunior, I also would love to think the same. However, my intuition tells me otherwise… The TS team saw they faced a much bigger problem that they expected, and so… See my post above… God, please let me be wrong this time, sooo wrong. I want to be wrong!


I actually laughed out loud at your memes this morning.


Q: Please explain why you constantly nerf the game resources (premium boxes, campaign)?
A: This may be your personal feeling but the changes we’ve done over time both buffed and nerfed the boxes to fit them better to the game. Regarding the premium boxes, we’ve improved them more than the other way around. As for the campaign, the whole system is still evolving. We added the ability to get slightly different rewards per difficulty just a week or two ago, so that is also undergoing balancing as we speak. We added the chance to get a fortune box to reward replaying the missions, which gives you a higher chance for epic and legendary items which is an option not available before. So there is definitely no constant nerfing of rewards.

Q: Can you add the special items, torsos and legs and weapons boxes again? Like older updates.
A: We’re planning for special “New Item Introduction” events where players will have a time-limited chance to win a new item before it will become available through special sales and then generally available in the game. We already have several such items waiting to be released.

Q: Unicorn event will come back soon?


Ok real question:

How many members are there in the SM Team? (The ones that work almost exclusively on SM, maybe help a little on BD, but not much)

And who are they?

What are their specific roles?

(Repeated from before) :wink:


Our personal feelings must be very very very wrong :exclamation:

Funny answer :grey_exclamation:



I’m sorry to break it to ya, Sarah, but the players were expecting 2 questions answered per day. You can’t just answer 3 in one day. Think of all the posts and threads “Tacticsoft lied and posted an extra answer” and all the people breathing heavily and typing loudly on their keyboards. Oh my. What have you done?


No no, it’s fine, because @Sarah247 is very clever and she read my “How to go from a good to a Great Event” :exclamation:

More answers = good for us players :grey_exclamation:

Something positiv :bangbang:

Maybe a new trend to do positive things for us players, don’t kill it after minutes @Kaen :grey_exclamation:



First of all thank you for your response.

Now to the matter - I never let feelings come in a way of work, life, game. It is all empirical - me (as others too) farm a lot. When you realize you have work to do with - pardon my expression - dishonest individuals… you then start to write your results, observations. Only after such data you realize something fishy is going on.
We all confirmed severe tokens loss on our part when you chagned premiums from 150T > 75 T
Will not mention all the nerfs of epic drops from Campaign boss - forum is full of examples.
At some point when Mohadib mentioned slight chance of legendary (here I admit you - that was a buff) - you could really sense in some 80-150 runs you will net 1 legendary - you don’t feel bad in process because you earned some gold and fusion points- when Damocles…ergh… item limit is hanging above your head…
But what is a buff indeed ? Logically when you zero things out… any slight change upwards = buff. What is the point.
Also you are cunning bunch - with v.9.8 you intruduced ‘balanced campaign’ – after we all realized what is the case - and started to complain…there seems to be ‘slight buffs around’ - you increased % chance of box drops - BUT the quality of items is still going towards your initial idea - slowing down upgrades - you only miscalculated community reaction and now artificially trying to prolong farming for fusion points.
Or do we understand word ‘balance’ in different way… balance as in ‘balance sheet’ … hmm… assets side ?

TL;DR, thx for response, but you will hardly convince anyone in buffs… pilots life is harder now…


They didn’t.
Let’s not talk about quality of items, that also dropped. But box drop rate has been decreased.
I’ve started running a new spreadsheet after the update rolled and I’ve started noticing something was changed. I’ve farmed Ramboy on Insane from the moment I’ve started the sheet and my datas are converging coherently at a 67% droprate (including fortune boxes).
Before 9.8 there was a box almost every run when you were clearing a boss stage.


exactly thats what i want to see on this kind of games but remember theyre still working on this game i take it like a permanent beta untill they announce a final SM complete version xD


A 4 years Beta version :interrobang: … WOW … that explain a lot :exclamation:



ive been on 10 years betas xD this wont be surprising me
i take this game like that because theyre testing and rebalancing it all the time so i just focus on try to enjoy the experience


“testing” “rebalacning”


I made a lot of interesting questions, it is sad that they havent replied yet!



1st day :arrow_right: 2 answers

2nd day :arrow_right: 3 answers

3rd day :arrow_right: … come on you can do that, no help from me needed :exclamation:



Real question that needs answered for official Sm history…

Would sarah eat a mouse for 1 million dollars ?