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I want to know

What solution will you give to the inventory limit?

my question is based on:

1.- There are accounts that are in status checkmate because they can not even complete the missions of the day because they are not allowed to open boxes only accumulate. and it is impossible to see if among the items in the boxes there are elements that can be improved to optimize the account.

2.- I do not need a time of grace, because supermechs can not tell me when to play or with what intensity to play, since one plays according to the availability of time, for work, studies, family, so a time of grace does not It is an effective solution for those who have high legacy inventory. and we invest to obtain everything that you decided today to discard. so you are the ones who must provide a definitive solution to this problem that is leaving many accounts disabled.

3.- Remember that many solutions have been proposed, among them that when using the conversion of legacy items to powerkits, the powerkits (resulting) do not count as items in the inventory, that is, they are not added to the total of items, since they do not are items that can be placed to the configuration of the mechs, are only 1-use items whose only function is to improve the items, if so, the inventory will be released and usable, in this way all those who have this problem can resume our accounts.


Hunter you need to send question to the link provided not post it here .

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i send but dont have problem to make public too here.

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Buenos Suerte compa Buenos Suerte

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Why does Mohadib wear a helmet?


How does getting mached fight work?

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What about a topic where the devs asks the players instead?

Make you sure it would be 100 times more effective.



@El_Metre asks: What are the missions that the chance to drop a legendary item?
A: As a rule, campaign missions do not give legendary items, with the exception of the random Fortune Box, which does have a chance for legendary. So basically it’s not a specific level, it’s a chance to get a fortune box. The chance to get a fortune box rises a little if you play a mission on a higher difficulty. - Dev Jonny

@W.P.O.T.W asks: How does the matching online battle work?
A: Matchmaking is based on the player’s rank (For example, Rank 10, 2 stars). We try to match a player with an opponent of as similar rank as possible. If there isn’t an exact match, we start looking slightly further after a few seconds. Over 90% of the matchmaking results in players within 5 stars of each other. - Mohadib


I sent the form with my question yesterday and the answer has not yet arrived.

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We are posting a couple answers a day…stay tuned.


Who in the world is “Dev Jonny”…?

I have NEVER heard of his existence until today!


oh waw, so every legendary i have got from mix boxes back days only a dream? i got a lot of legendaries from BB before this new updates. Mohadib saying that, “This is a secret we add tiny chance to get legendary” from the last mission only a dream too?

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Dev Jonny has been around awhile just quiet on the forums. He is busy coding most of the time.


Ok real question:

How many members are there in the SM Team? (The ones that work almost exclusively on SM, maybe help a little on BD, but not much)

And who are they?

What are their specific roles?


Liran changed his name.
Liran changed his e-mail.
Liran changed his office.
Liran changed his country.
Liran changed …

He is Jonny now :exclamation:



Only Alex is assigned to BD.

The SM team (As far as I know) are all dedicated to SM. Which is probably why theres updates almost every 2 weeks atm.

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Hello pilots :slight_smile:

I’ve been reading the forums for a while, but let the amazing Sarah communicate with you until now.


Hi “Jonny” :exclamation:

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Hello, Jonny
Thank you for answering, but i want to see if i understand corectly.
There are no chance of legendary popping out of any campaign box, only from fortune boxes, corect?
And if i may, what are the actual chances of poping a fortune box on campaign, and the chances of a fortune box popping a legendary?
If you please.
Thank you