**Event** Ask the Team!


Ask the Team!
Don’t miss this unique chance to ask the Super Mechs’ team what you always wanted to know about the game.
The team will be answering your questions all week. (November 8th - November 15th).
We will get to as many questions as we can.

Please follow these simple rules when posting questions:

  • Post only one question per post.
  • Avoid comments that do not ask a question or rhetorical questions.
  • Stay positive

Submit a question here —> http://bit.ly/2zpHVmj

Answers will be posted on this thread.



There will be a lot of submissions for sure.


And a lot of “not giving the ufck”, “SOON-eism”, and “this is not in the near plans for the future” bullshit going on…


why do i have the feeling as SOON as we get out first SOON answer… there will be a public shoot-out, OK Coral style? And it is gonna bea very bussy week for Malice, and Elcent, with the ban hammer?
well i always wanted to ask… what are those real chances for boxes? And what is the actual drop rate on the legendaries, on BB drops… atm is 0%.
But will try to stay positive:
For me:

for @Mordulec

to the devs:


Just ask the questions you want answered and see if you get an reply. We choose to remain players of this game we are not forced .


Pinned until Saturday


How will the devs explain what happened to SM after the patch:

and this:


right on the mark, Mord,
this is for @Malicewolf and @Elcent, after that week of Ask the Team!:
For you guys, you will need it:


How do you make your hair like that? (You have to answer)


Isn’t this is part of your job in the first place? Now we need special days if we want answer to our questions?


No no… this will be for the monk-… developers to answer our “questions”.

Instead of going through Sarah…



:astonished:[quote=“Fluxeon, post:11, topic:7655”]
going through Sarah

Pervert Flux…:flushed::flushed:


Was going to ask exactly the same question…


Ayyuwotm8 that wasn’t what I meant…!


@Sarah247… done.

How will I know when I´ve the answer? Where should I look?


Technically it is not the devs’ job to answer your questions or talk to you. You can talk to Sarah as she is the community manager, but this is an opportunity to talk to the actual devs. Have you never wondered what their social security or credit card information is? This is your chance.


Thanks for reminding me, now I can just straight up ask them for their personal details.


When I ask questions, fair questions, they get ignored. It’s hard to ask “positive” questions when just fair, if pointed, questions get completely ignored by every team-member and support whether asked publicly or privately.

To be IGNORED is incredibly frustrating.


Can I have a Clash drone?


Be positive, keep smiling!

The next time it will be: “complete this form with the item you want to have and in 24 hours it will be sent free…”