Evaluation Of SM Reloaded (2 months in)

I have been wondering about that…

Most of the beta testers say the beta test wasn’t bad. But when the actual version rolled out - it was terrible.

Is it because the beta test had you start a new account?

Was the problem the actual conversion of existing accounts into the new version?

In a way yes, this is the main problem.

Veteran players were stuck with their huge mountain of items which are now mostly useless. They are then told to “Go fuse them away to new items!” … Oh wait no you can’t, you need a mountain of gold for that.

Assuming you’re a player that didn’t stock up on SM credits (There wasn’t much indication that this is important before the update rolls out) and then switched them for gold, you’re now stuck with THOUSANDS of junk items, and you can’t fuse them off.

“Why not just grind gold?” … Yes, how do I grind with this outdated junk mech ??

I would have somewhat tolerated all this… IF they didn’t try to push an incredibly silly and unreasonable item limit on us.

“Hey look! Now you have five thousand items! And you have to clear them all in 30 days, or your account turns into a brick, because you can’t get new items! … Oh, and you know all the money and time you spent getting all these items? Yeah, that’s worth absolutely nothing now, Ha Ha Ha!”

^ This is what I mean when I keep saying about their “hostage situation”.

There’s no way in hell I am paying real money to someone who attempts to hold my account hostage.


Well, Flux, the biggest problem I see, when they put the account limit, that you cant get forward, because you cant claim then cards of boxes, so you cant get the daily 10 tokens and some thousands of sm coins…