Evaluation Of SM Reloaded (2 months in)

Personal opinion and hands down .


2 Months in and id say im pretty fine , as a F2P Ive really gotten very far!


4 myths , 3 fully fused ones . Almost all legendary bits , just 4 epics in place for modules.

Before the update i was a beta tester i was like '‘WOH! HEY ! THATS PRETTY DOPE WE GON’ LOVE THIS 24/7". Update rolls around and i seriously was on the peak of retiring , Having been inactive for 1-2 weeks and been set back a lot lmao.

Look at me now! 2 Months in and im getting my second medal this week! Ive come soo far in the mech categories , as a player , maybe as a top player idkim still sarcastic and toxic lmao

I wanna hear how have y’all come soo far! Tell me down bellow :smiley:

psa frick you flux i want my hotdog


The worst thing is, that tacticsoft is going for mobile players, leaving the pc players;

flash player is crud, but they havent done a downloadable version or else (like a non-flash version) yet…

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Thing is, flash is dying (literally). It’s only got a few more years left in it at best. Mainstream internet browsers are dropping it. With that being the case, it’s VERY hard to reprogram an entire game in another code quickly (not that it can’t be done, but time is money). So unfortunately, mobile is the best and smartest direction for the SM team to focus towards at the moment while other solutions are being pursued for the dying flash. One of the reasons BD (not BD:EA) is having difficulties is due to this fact as well.


Congrats i barely reach the top but i stuck a bit between rank 1 and 2 :slight_smile: . Right now in in the top 200

Well, what you said is true, but, for pc veterans, there is no option…
Bluestacks and other emulators are useless and facebook gameroom isnt it worth.

I am still waiting since SuperMechs got Greenlight on Steam…

@Malicewolf do you know a good solution? :frowning:

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I like this iteration a lot. Tactically, it’s a bit bland right now, but it’s the first version I’ve played where I really feel like I can make a lot of progress (and have).

Right now I’m fluctuating between ranks ~70-150. Not bad for never having paid a dime, and I still only have 4 mythicals.

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I personally prefer this iteration over the previous one (this isn’t saying much, I think everyone knows how much I HATED the previous version), but I understand why a lot of players loathe it.

This is because all veteran players’ previous investments (both time and money) were robbed with basically no compensation.

The pile of items left behind can’t even be immediately converted into power for new items, due to the (still) ridiculous fusion cost.


Not really at the moment. It still works for now and won’t be shutting down immediately (in fact, not for a few years). Alex may have some solutions he knows of, but I personally do not in terms of SM.

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So, should I ask @Alexander then for it / a solution?

Or do Sarah, or Mohadib do know a way too, to get back a fast client?

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Simply saying Alex may know of something (he’s good with that kind of stuff). I have no clue myself and not sure about Sarah or Mohabid either. The client should still be fairly fast though. It may be your computer running it slow.

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My computer is running fast (Windows 7 Enterprise), the client just goes strange, on other computers the same…

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I believe @Alexander recommends using Vivaldi for Flash.

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there are alot of ways, to improve performance.
I only play from mobile, even on PC i started using an emulator for SM, i was using it for other apps, like War Robots(kinda feels like cheating cause u use a mouse for aiming, instead of a semi touch joystick), and they run incredibly good.
Altho a funny thing with aps, i had a samsung note 4, still have it, and i switched to iphone 7 plus, and i decided to see how they are… altho the iphone 7 was faster in opening the app, the note 4(4 year old phone), was the one running it smother.I think android version is better optimised then the OS version.

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Thanks @Elcent, I already tried Vivaldi time ago, I will do it soon again!

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nice to see people finally starting to admit they let their judgement be clouded by mob mentality without ever having given the new version a fair shake.

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Yeah, I never thougt that Fluxu agrees with the new version…

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Nice paid advertising. You too? I thought it was only Alex at first advertising a browser that nobody knows about

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That doesn’t say much though, I think of the previous version like grime under the garbage can.

So I definitely prefer the newer version.

Is this new version like DIRT under a shiny garbage can?? :slight_smile:

This new version is not bad. The upcoming item limit is worrying me, though. I’d rather buy tokens for boxes than for added inventory space.

The new version had a great concept, I played the earlier parts of the beta and actually enjoyed the game.

When the update rolled out though…


Terrible execution.

Oh, and I will not forgive the developers for trying (and failing) to hold my account hostage.

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