Evade and miss ? hit% and accuracy ? Shields?

Hello ,

Why is Accuracy and Evade missing from this game ?

Weapons should have hit% and Mechs should have Evade%

some weapons will hit 100% like lazers and guided missiles , but bullets and melee attacks should have hit% , and add sniper rifles if you want 100% hit

as for melee , they should have very high damage but easier to evade

as for Evade , it should be in the torso specs and the more the evade the lighter the carry capacity the mech can have.

also , and finally ,

Shields any one ? shields are very useful for ranged attack and can be destroyed after their HP goes down.

Ok, that is imbalanced.

Because now like, all weapons with uses will have an evade and would break the game down to pieces.
Every other weapons gets a no.

But for shields, that was an “Legacy” thing, they used to be here, they reduced damage, but at the cost of 1-20 energy or 1-20 heat depending on the type of the shield. Now they were removed from game, but the “Shield Slot” is still in the workshop, the “Hexagonal” empty slot is the shield slot.


This is Supermechs not Warcraft 3.

Yes, I want the shields back

This will render swords useless.

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This were the old shields (There was a Heat/Red version, the blue is Energy Version).

And do you see the “Bullet” and “Rocket” weapons? Back then in 2012-2017, Rocket Launchers and Machine guns used to be costed by Bullets and Rockets, but now they are removed, and replaced by Uses (Not quite actually).

Also you can visit this menu by going to the Settings in the top right corner, and click “Guide”. But don’t go to Wiki, it’s abandoned.

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Good ol times


Yeah no, The derping out of phys weapons is enough to make me threaten the monitor on Physical Abuse, If this gets actually added I will use the baseball bat on the PC

Even more RNG? No thank you…


bad idea…
first we have weapons that are unlimited… ok we can accept some misses there (not really) but we also have weapons that have limited uses! and let’s say you miss all your chances… now that’s what i call trash

also this is a mech game, not one of those fancy equip with super advanced stats rpg game

and shields… they used to be available… not anymore
they were unlimited (until you were shut-downed or drained) and they costed energy and heat (based on the shield)

We do have a “hit and miss” effect in SM.
It is just called differently: RNG on damage

If you get in a low damage hit on the opponent then you practically “missed” the target by a bit.
If you get in a high damage hit on the opponent then you hit the target square in the center.

And the RNG just comes down to a … well RNG like all those “hit and miss” functions in other games, too.
You have a 75% hit chance means you have a 3 of 4 chance to get a good RNG result and deal damage and a 1 of 4 chance to get a bad RNG result and deal no damage.

So it is the same as SM’s RNG on the damage range except that you cannot “miss” completely in SM.


Thanks for the reply ,

The hit% can be balanced very well. it is impossible for guns to hit 100% like lasers or snipers or guided missiles. the game will be alot of fun when hit and Miss happens.

Also duels.

add to it, this will open new items for use , like guiding computer for aiming and rocket jamming devices that can make the rockets miss and so on.

it ca be very well balanced.

now for the Evade :

For example , Mechs that are very fast and tend to evade more , cant carry alot of weapons , they are lighter and also have half HP . they are harder to hit but also they die faster. but at the same time they have unlimited teleport usage for they are the ninjas in the games.

and finally , have you guys played front mission 3 on playstation ?

This is where you are wrong.
There is already too much of a luck factor in this game with the unbalanced premium items that rarely drop from items. Adding in more luck factors would only take less away from the strategy.


who said it is luck ? it can be perfected !
you want 100% hit , you waste weight and item places for accuracy items.

So you want everybody to completely overhaul their mechs, and change them to a new meta, rendering their mechs they spent months on as useless?

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not really , they will have to redesign their mechs sacrifice some items for some other items .

and any ways they can keep it as is and use the as is accuracy for each weapon if the new system is made.

lets say remove HP item for evade oer accuracy or jamming item and so on.

this actually will make the game again not boring and new challenges arrive. for people who prefected theit mechs and have nothing more to do .

Should this be implemented into the game?

  • Yes
  • No

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The miss does not mean you missed all shots.

it means % of damage depending on the accuracy and the evade of the enemy.

dude… that’s already the case it’s called rng or something like that

you make the accuracy thing sound like it’s something new with the miss and evade

you should have explained this more like “oh is not a complete miss” or “you’ll get less damage” cause this is already a thing
why do you think weapons have 2 damage stats? that is the possible damage based on the rng (or whatever the name is)

if you would have explained this better we could all have told you that this exists already

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Ooh… I think the biggest problem there is that it creates too much variance. When we’re talking weapons that can typically hit in the 200-300 range, the chance of a zero is just too extreme

I do agree that it would be nice to factor in some variability from weapon type. This is already done to some degree. Some wepaons have very high variance (shotguns for example, which have a very wide range of potential damage)

I think distance would be nice to factor in from a strategic viewpoint, with some weapons doing more damage in their ‘sweet spot’, and less outside their sweet spot.

  • eg. Swords 1-2 (sweet spot 1)
  • Short Range Guns 1-2 (sweet spot 2)
  • Medium Range Guns 2-4 (sweet spot 3)
  • Long Range Guns 3-6 (sweet spot 4-5)
  • Very Long Range Rockets 4-8 (sweet spot 6-7)

Damage could be modified to do 100% from the Sweet spot, with maybe 80% from outside of that (I beliveve damage levels are too high right now so I’d favor some reductions).

This would make movement just a bit more important. Unfortunately too many games are all about the stand and shoot and anything encouraging more movement would be helpful.

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That’s an interresting idea ^^

will need some stats to be tweaked, but still ^^

(but the Claw will become even more useless…so a lil’ buff wouldn’t be disagreed if they implement this ^^)

This isnt here because this is a turn based game.

Not an mmo