Ettin - epic,legendary,Mythical

Why not make the epic, legendary and mythical torso of Ettin .

Here’s how they look:


Ettin epic

280 Hit Points

Energy 101

84 Regeneration

Heat 80

37 Cooling

5 Pys Resist - 5 Exp resist

8 Ele resist


Ettin legendary

539 Hit Points

Energy 176

97 Regeneration

Heat 120

55 Cooling

10 Pys Resist 10 Exp resist

14 Ele resist


Ettin Mythical

756 Hit Points

Energy 216

122 Regeneration

Heat 160

94 Cooling

17 Pys Resist - 17 Exp resist

19 Ele resist


you forgot the weights🙂

well…it would be the same as common/rare one :smiley_cat:


the models are very similar, the common of ettin
seems like a fenrir, in mythical look like a dragon

Dunno if it’s more an Ideas & Features topic or a Fanart topic. That said I haven’t looked at stats since they are useless since it’s up to devs decide 'em, but I like the sprites! :smile:

sprites are okay, but if you really want them to look cool than edit another feature besides the horns. For example, as the zrkares transformes multiple features of its face evolves

Hit points are pretty bad on that myth