Error In torso graphics

I just noticed one of the space in the torso was uncoloured, lol


OMG !! Does this mean I can finally make my first

Supermechs :partly_sunny: MAXING 4th Item Epic Golem -YouTube-

video!?? I’m Soooooo excited ! I can’t wait woo hooo

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Yes there some of these mistakes scattered across the game, take a look at Blazing Legs and the legendary Nightmare, Sith and Interceptor torsos.

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maybe it’s just gray


2 things I’ve gotta say:
-Golem can not pass the legendary tier,so it would be pretty useless…
-Why do we need those kind of boring,not to say annoying,videos?
If we want to see its max stats,instead of watching a video,we can go straight to another forum post that is more reliable,where we can not only see the max stats of pretty much all of items written down,but also screenshots of them

That was intended to be a Joke towards one of the SM channels xD

I forgot to mention in my previous post that there are broken detail lines all over many of the sprites in the game, even on ones that pre-date Reloaded. I theorise that either Liran or the other graphic designers break these lines on purpose to help fill certain parts of the sprites with gradients as they work on them. Though, this does not explain the breaks that occur on the surfaces filled in with solid colours.

Calm down.