Equipped Items part of item count?

Hello everyone.

I was wondering whether items we equipped to our mechs or items we used to build a mech counts in the 150 inventory limit?

I hope it isn’t.

I view this inventory limit similar to a backpack limit, so shouldn’t it be so that items used to build a mech not count in the inventory limit?

We can build 6 mechs in total - and if those are part of the limit… it is a significant reduction in the number of items we have to put on hold to use for upgrades, and fusion.

In any case - to anyone in the know - does equipped items form part of the inventory limit count?

(on a side note - is it true that inventory limit is increased in certain levels? I am at Level 56 with 150. Is there anyone with a higher limit (not bought with tokens) or is 150 that highest we can get?)

I am sorry to inform you that the items equipped to our mechs DO count into the limit of 125 (!) items. You can check that yourself. Read what the limit counter says now (e.g. 305/125) and then unmount/equip items. See if it changes. Trust me, IT DOESN’T.

Everything in your inventory counts towards the limit, including equipped items,colour kits, power kits, Xmas hats etc.


I had a bad feeling that it isn’t. I haven’t thought of mounting/unmounting items to check if the inventory count changed… Nice.

This further gives me reason to push my point that “inventory” should be defined as items we have on hand/in storage and not items we have equipped.

What is the average count for each mech? 1 torso, 1 pair of legs, 2-3 weapons at most on average, 8 modules, 1 drone, 1 teleporter, 1 hook and 1 charge (assuming you equip them all) -> so 1 mech has 17 equiment…

we can have 6 mechs, so 17x6 = 102 items already taking up inventory space…

and what is the average number of inventory per player? I have 150. I have only 48 inventory available for parts, fusion fuel or upgrade materials.

Hmmm… Is that count right? Is that quantity sufficient? Do I really have to cough up tokens to hoard more?

There’s a very simple solution - increase the item limit…but they won’t do that because, well:

yes…the devs live in a world where concepts like price elasticity of demand don’t exist…

nonsens, economical and financial utopia doesn’t exist.
Here is the prime example, of how to win … with money.
Pay to buy items, premium boxes, pay to buy gold, buy boxes with gold, get items upgrade with gold, transform with gold, use token to refil energy, to farm… only thing that is free in this game are 2 boxes evry 12h,campaign farm evrery 12h and PvP.

Delete that last sentence please, before someone sees your post and decides to charge us for those 2 boxes, pvp etc

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Well imagine that…wouldn’t be a shoker now would it?