Equally spending on upgrades

So. Here I want to say that it’s not good if u have a common and upgrade it with many items it would cost idk 5k coins but if u want a legendary or mythical to upgrade 1 rare item can cost to 10k SM coins . It would be pretty good if the upgrades were equally to spend . Because we will spend less on it and don’t waste that much coins. If you agree it nice. If not why? Say in comments.[poll type=regular public=true]

  • Thats a pretty good idea !
  • Well it’s not so good but it can be in the game .
  • Stupid idea

It’s good, but if you think about it, the high cost prevents players at the top from maxing all their mythicals and screwing others a rank lower up.

It may seem unreasonable, but this system works out for everyone in the end.

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Agree also a common give u less upgrade power thats why its cheaper doing this also broke the idea of better quality