Epics from Mix Box

I will say, I was surprised by this. I didn’t know only epics could come out of mix boxes, must be a low chance. 00 PM
Though I will say it is not the best loot, but that was from a mix box, as you can tell. It has 2 epics, meaning it is not a premium box nor a premium pack. It is not a ranking reward either, since it only shows 2 epics. Got this from a mix box, so ima use it to turn into legendary which then I can turn it into mythical fuel for my nightfall to turn into mythical. Still waitin to get zakares, avenger, or brutality ._.

Nope…I always get 2 epics only from mix boxes

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Not me. I am only level 76, and still nope. I think it increases as your level progresses, or if you complete the daily log in 4 times. (Don’t ask me where got those ideas. I am a crazy man. Or crazy teen if you put it that way.)

Please dont post your good drops, the developers will nerf the drops

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Huh… you must have been unlucky this whole time

They arn’t good. They are terrible ._.

I am saying that it was the first time I got 2 epics from a mix box

Its still nice enough that tactifsoft will nerf it

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I think this is a true. I am now level 80 and I frequently get epics from mix boxes.

Before this, I couldn’t land one epic.

What? Lol you can even get legendaryes from mix boxes dude.

I have the picture up there. I got 2 epics. And no, legendaries are not possible

umm…yes it is possible…you can get legendries from mix boxes

Lmfao, i’ve got like 5 legendaryes from mix boxes dude, even mohadib said we can get legendaryes from mix box in an old topic.

Oh. Well this is gettin my hopes up alot oof.

I think I got my bunker shell in a mix box… Maybe my memory is fuzzy but that’s what I remember

No…I think you got it from a premium pack…or you did get it from a mix box

I got valiant sniper from premium box from achievement

I didn’t get a legendary from my achievement :frowning: :cry::cry::cry::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: