Epics from Mix Box


I will say, I was surprised by this. I didn’t know only epics could come out of mix boxes, must be a low chance. 00 PM
Though I will say it is not the best loot, but that was from a mix box, as you can tell. It has 2 epics, meaning it is not a premium box nor a premium pack. It is not a ranking reward either, since it only shows 2 epics. Got this from a mix box, so ima use it to turn into legendary which then I can turn it into mythical fuel for my nightfall to turn into mythical. Still waitin to get zakares, avenger, or brutality ._.


Nope…I always get 2 epics only from mix boxes


Not me. I am only level 76, and still nope. I think it increases as your level progresses, or if you complete the daily log in 4 times. (Don’t ask me where got those ideas. I am a crazy man. Or crazy teen if you put it that way.)


Please dont post your good drops, the developers will nerf the drops


Huh… you must have been unlucky this whole time


They arn’t good. They are terrible ._.


I am saying that it was the first time I got 2 epics from a mix box


Its still nice enough that tactifsoft will nerf it


I think this is a true. I am now level 80 and I frequently get epics from mix boxes.

Before this, I couldn’t land one epic.


What? Lol you can even get legendaryes from mix boxes dude.


I have the picture up there. I got 2 epics. And no, legendaries are not possible


umm…yes it is possible…you can get legendries from mix boxes


Lmfao, i’ve got like 5 legendaryes from mix boxes dude, even mohadib said we can get legendaryes from mix box in an old topic.


Oh. Well this is gettin my hopes up alot oof.


I think I got my bunker shell in a mix box… Maybe my memory is fuzzy but that’s what I remember


No…I think you got it from a premium pack…or you did get it from a mix box


I got valiant sniper from premium box from achievement


I didn’t get a legendary from my achievement :frowning: :cry::cry::cry::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: