Epic to Legend Claw?

How about a Discount Claw with Epic To Legend Transform range? Like a really nerfed Claw? I mean F2P players will have a lot more chances than getting a Legend to Myth Claw right?

Name: Tarantula
Weight: 3 KG lighter than the Claw
HP: 292 (Epic) 500 (Legend)
Damage: 25-50 (Epic) 60-80 (Legend)
No Knockback Trait

How about it? Should this be a Thing or just be thrown in the Trash?
Here’s a gif to look at while you think about it

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Cause now you will either drop a legendary tarantula or a legendary claw :upside_down_face:


Trash.bin.you get me.20 tarantulas

I cringed when I saw this


Also it will make you geting more claw.

Oh and the awnser is no.

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The gif is the best, but sadly… Ahem…

i feel like 500 is sure ok but for that much weight?
lol naw
also because of the dmg

and because you could get trolled thinking “I GOT A CLAW” while actually you got a tarantula

so No~!
but very original

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