Epic health plates vs leg/ myth protector

I posted this before- which is better resist or health?

I got the answer that epic health is better than epic resist.

However, I need clarification on whether more resistance, specially one of the mythical kind (or maybe legendary kind until I upgrade it) would be better. I have the weight to spare. Thanks.

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Resitance > HP


Resistance is everything…


Against resistance drainers,a plate is more helpful that a res mod.
But if you go against builds that don’t break resistance,then yes,it does help.
For example,I have an epic heat res on my primary.While I take a lot less damage from weapons like CL,Savagery,Sorrow,stomps,Murmur and Nemo,that +24 res doesn’t make too much of a difference against DB,SC,Deso,Void etc.

Use epic res only for mass drainers or mass heaters,not against damage-oriented builds (and especially not against phys).

Myth res,on the other hand,is worth it,especially the single res modules.You gain whole turns.


Its Hit Points plates , not Health plates , Robots dont get sickness or flus


:laughing: got it!

These mechs got no health! :slight_smile:

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5 words: The War of the Worlds

Robots have no health but pilots have :wink:

Refer to this thread for some further insight.


If i could choose i would say the HP plate is better, because you need many and will always use 'em, which is not the case of the resistance plates.

However, if I only got the epic kinds of HP plates? Mythical resist wins?

Thanks. Will read that thread now.

Yes, definitely wins!

Unless you have elect myth res… that is kind of useless.

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Yeah that’s a good point, All the Mythical resistance modules are good exept the Electric.

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Also a slight hint : Dont use resistance mods if theyre not L-M.

Pffftt whoops, I’m using one on my phys

Depends which one, which torso. I used an epic phys res for a while on my Windigo build. It served me well. Tested thoroughly vs an epic plate. 52 res is better than nothing, and was definitely better than one more epic hp plate.


That’s the first time i agree with you in something.