Epic flaminator or epic firestorm?

Flaminator is alitle too great,note that i said ‘‘alitle’’ because of how he need’s lots of energys.Heat bomb is great though,i think that he’s better,reason?Well surely because he does not need energy.

Oh…and if you show your mech,i would tell you wich to put on.

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Ok, I can do that rb, but I’m sure that when I get heat bomb, it’s going straight on, it’s just if I should switch firestorm for flaminator

*right now, finger slipped

There it is! My beautiful heat mech! Note that there’s a legendary corrupt light behind the hammer, and the epic firestorm I wanna change

I would rather remove firestorm in my opinion and put heat bomb.
Because your mech is good at explosives damage.

Or maybe DawnBlaze is better perhaps?

Yes, I know that I should put heat bomb on there, but for now, until I get it, is it worth it to put flaminator on it?

Small worth but that should do it.

You can legy him…if ya want.
OR! Put DawnBlaze in it.

Yeah… Took a look at dawnblaze a bit, I don’t think it’s worth it, or the place I saw it from is old and full of lies

Maybe put a pic of Dawn’s stats here?

It is worth it.

That thing can Resist drain and has lot’s of exp dmg.
Hold on while i’m getting stats of it.

Give a credit to that topic.

Well, thank you for that, but are those the mythical stats? Credit to that topic for the info

Those are maxed and myth stats.

Yeah those are actually… sry

That’s not much exp drain… Damage is good, but what about epic stats?

24 heat dmg
64-80 Exp dmg
2 resist drain
17 heat cost
6 energy cost

Knew it… that isn’t very good…

I don’t think I’ll take it

oh no you drained my explosives

Heat bomb is bad! Your opponent only lost 1 turn (with luck) and made only 50 dmg.

Heat bomb only could be good if the weight would be 15 k.