Environmental events

So what about environmental events which player could utilize to his advantage. I was thinking about something dropping from the sky, imagine u play pvp and on 3rd turn(or any other) somewhere on the arena(random tile) appears a sign, that warns u about incoming event, but u dont know what exactly its gonna be( or maybe u will do). So what exactly goona hapen? Falling sctuctures of the map? Rocks? Acid shower?(armor shredding) Lightning?(energy break) and so on.

Tell me what u think

Did you just play Battlemechs? Lol


No, what is it?
Aren’t u talking about a very early version of sm?
I played, but i dont remember almost nothing

Yeah your idea was there in that game

true in battle mechs a jet comes and drops a kit

Please no.Just…No.
And don’t bring the old boost pads in this discussion…

It’s not forced to be like the boost pads…^^ @Soylent I think your idea could be interresting, but after being reworked ^^
Why not instead of happening only on certain tiles, aply to both mechs ?
Thunderstorm drain both players’ energy, Acid rain reduces both players’ resistances, etc…

Or mix the “whole-arena-effect” events like the 2 I used as exemple with “specific-tile-area of effect”, for exemple a little missile rain, or a supply box dropping from the sky, etc…

What do you think all ?

Why don’t we just leave SM the way it is now and go out for some coffee?
Seriously,tho it’s a pretty simplistic experience of pvp-ing,I think it’s best to leave it like this.
Those things would only further complicate matches and make them harder…

Game is boring now, not a lot of items, no brainwork required to beat opponent (you just need to grind, get lucky or spend money that’s it, now you can go to arena and wreck people with same combination of moves as much as u want.

U say u dont want matches to be complicated, thats pathetic to me, why dont just add autobot to the pvp in that case, so you could just sit back relax and watch your mech fight for, cuz whats the difference?

I think the old powerkits where a somewhat similar idea, though we could decide what to take with us, but it was removed ,

The power pads were a more random thing, but this idea has the same problem, who chooses where the power kit falls and what is in it? It might be closer to one player, or might favour​the build of one player which is unfair for the other.

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Make them occur for both players, like lightning storm or extreme temperature increase (both players energy drain and overheat), acid showers(resistance)

Ok say both players energy get drained, what if one is a physical mech and other energy?

Now energy might be at a disadvantage because it might not be able to use all it’s weapons , but for phy with 2 Annihlator , it doesn’t make much difference.

On the other hand, if the phy get drained then energy might be on the upper hand with more damage

What if that what if this…
You say it can put one of the players at disadvantage, ok.
Then tell me, what does game, then u press big green button fight?
It pairs you with another player with similar rank to fight, at the same time you dont know what your gonna face, heat/energy or phys build as your opponent, am i right?
You want to talk about balance?
I am phys, i dont have annihilation, as you said, and then i am paired with energy build, they just wreck me.
If your point apply to the game RN, then i press FIGHT my opponet should have everything (or close) same as me, then its a balanced fight.

So the answer is make it random just like matchmaker.

1player vs another player of similar ranking is absolutely fair bcz it is your choice how your mech must be, you can pack 2-3 energy mods and win against all energy mechs but loose to heat, or pack heat mods and loose to.energy, it depends on you

But if in the middle of your game, maybe when you are winning, how would you feel if the game just drained you off your energy / over heated you ?!

I would feel the same as if i packed my mech with energy modules, but matchmaker gave me double Cl heat mech, i would blame RNG of matchmaker(game).

I didn’t say that.
By ‘‘complicating the matches’’ I meant as another battle style…
Not tactic/strategy.I mean style.

Listen, mate. Perhaps on low levels, 1v1 battles are boring (IDK, don’t play 1v1). On the top level, with 3v3 matches, all we do is trying to adjust builds to the STRATEGY of the enemy. And the word STRATEGY is key here. We need the predictability (of moves, damage, drain, heat, etc.) to plan ahead and try to force the opponent to make a mistake. I have enough problems with the randomness of rolls (Annihilation - 200-300 dmg, and for Bunker Shell it is even worse). RNG prevents you from planning 100% correct. I do not need another random event which turns the victory into defeat only because the RNG engine drops some crap in the center of the arena. This is an idea which should be deleted from the forum (we had such a thing in the past, they were called PADS). Cheers, @Soylent.

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Pads could be considered as a feature forcing players to adjust their strategy in ream-time ^^