Enjoy my brothers 10

Unhallowed and Thorns Of Crimson Death get me every time.
Trust me,Unhallowed will make even non-metallists headbang,it’s just too awesome.And the latter is for masterpiece lovers.


Ah, here we go.

Starting to listen to it now.

I’m exited :>


I also exited. bye!

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After i saw your pictures and specially the picture of you being in some kind of a Rock Party , it is now clear that you are a Rock Die Hard Fan
Also Listen to some Linkin Park for me personally they make the littest Rock , but they’re not making any albums now , because their band Leader Chester Bennington Suicide by hanging himself 3 years ago , and since then they’re sad for his leaving and can’t make songs without him True Respect and Love


Does anyone here speak death rock screech? I want to know if there is a story in this black masterpiece!!

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I know that feeling.Dissection’s Nödtveidt also commited suicide,but then again,those were his religious views.

There is actually a story,search the lyrics and you’ll see (but it’s related from a First-person POV).

The album by itself is a story,as where their Reinkaos is a pledge divided in multiple songs.And God damn,it has so many motives,so many ideologies and figures from so many cults,presenting many of their concepts.

That’s a masterpiece,but people don’t like it because it’s old-school and very hard to understand unless you’re not a christian.


Good to know, I can make out a few words, but yeah. The music is still up beat and awesome!
I just wanted to know because some of my favorite albums are ones with stories to them. I think stories make music 10x better. Which is a reason I love blue oyster cult so much since almost every song of theirs is a different story. I also like albums from rush that have great 20 minute stories in their albums like 2112 and hemispheres.


Aah,the rock band.

I see.So we’re both story lovers (or at least some backstory to it),but you’re more chilled as where I dig those riffs.
Brother :slight_smile:

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Indeed brother, I do enjoy some slower things, but any rock is fine with me. Seriously loving this album btw.

Edit: Just got to crimson death, might be my favorite of the album so far. That god damn guitar is killer man XD

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love RUSH:smile: this group it is ok. Sounds like a tendency to copy a bit from Iron Maiden, Metalica and Disturbed in some ways but pale

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