Energy type nerfs

If they nerf energy types much more they will be totally useless.
I think people will complain about energy types until the devs make them total crap.
I have noticed a big difference since the last update.

As it is now most of my fights go to 9 or 10 turns. Takes 4 -6 turns to drain most people equal to me now, so I hit 100s & 200s most of the time.
When you fight people that have 60 resistance 100 damage is not much…

Once the 0 energy physical drones etc. come out I do not think energy types will be able to compete against equally fused mechs of the other types.

I am not complaining though if they make them total crap I will just build a new mech or quit.
Have any of you other energy pilots noticed the difference in preformance?


I really like the concept of energy mechs - they drain your energy and gain bonus damage from it.

Playing energy is tough. One small mistake and it’s game over. Draining energy is it’s main approach, so if you can’t drain them, playing energy is not that effective.

It’s just like playing a heat mech that cannot overheat.

Should we just jump over to physicals? (Though I don’t have the parts to build this mech…)

Heaters will probably end up being the strongest type.

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Maybe there is a rotation going on…

When people complain that the heat mechs are too OP - they’ll get nerfed. Then Physicals will dominate. Then get nerfed. Then back to energy being too OP.

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Well, Rising is #1 every week with an energy mech. And Toxic, I think you mentioned you win like 90%+ of your games.

Energy can’t be doing that bad :slight_smile:

My mech is 100% full mythic, the lowest level mythic I have on my mech is 47 and Rising has 3 full mythic mechs…
Yes I beat lesser mechs a mech with epic or legendary items has little chance against me.
My observations are from when I fight mechs that are equal to mine. For some reason when I make posts like this people miss where I say equal mechs.

A lot of the people complaining that they can’t beat people do not have full mythic mechs so I feel the nerf is kind of off balance. And eventually they will nerf them just enough to where they are the weakest type @Blex

Like I said I am not complaining im 7th right now on the world ranking @Blex All I am doing is making an observation.


@Toxic - I see that, but given that there are several all mythical heat and physical mechs, energy seems to be doing well enough.

If I open up the rankings right now, 4 of the top 6 are energy, and BOTH players who aren’t only play 3v3s (and have an energy mech).

I’m not calling for a nerf or anything, but taking a look at the stats rankings they seem fine to me.

I said if they keep nerfing them. IF THEY KEEP DOING IT. I really do nto care im done with this game…

Valiant sniper needs a nerf, it’s a 189 drain wepon that uses 31 energy… highest drain and lowest consumtion in game.

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the sword brightroat
it draws almost the most energy to you
energy cost 50 and drain 76 …no sense

Energy is hardest mech to balance and fight. Everyone will whine about whatever particular medium beats them energy physical or heat until it changes. The heat weapons need no energy and neither do the most devastating physical weapons. There is no real balance if you can win a match with no drone. I excelled at physical for a long time and in the " 0ld days" when the drones required energy the push energy mechs were a pain… Hopping into range for a needle shot etc. You had to balance an energy drain. This version of the game has too many weapons stacked against energy mechs but you have to balance it as well as can be expected. Good luck


Except energy is the meta damage because basically every weapon uses energy, rank 3-2 are just slapped together energy mechs.