Energy Strikes Back

I am using 4 epic hp rn :expressionless:

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IΒ΄ve 5, but it’s not enough.

2 HP myth modules would mean almost 400 more points. I would not mind if they invented a drone that took 200 energy …



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are you saying they nerfed the myth plates?

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And in my humble opinion they continue inventing things to favor the energys … but everything falls under its own weight.

A little less than 2 years ago when I started multiplayer I remember the game was dominated by energys. Something similar to now. They were a kind of elite who understood each other. Heats were dead and phys did what they could, some with more and others with less success.

But soon everything changed, first of all because they started killing each other, energy weapons took away so much energy that it became a competition to whoever had the highest energy value on mech and that place them in a disadvantageous position. And secondly because the energy consumption to some heat and phys weapons, was eliminated.

Conclusion, everything is cyclical. Just sit at the door of your house and wait.

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