Energy Storage Unit


How do you get the Energy Storage Unit. Is it from premium boxes? I hope it was not from campaign I had campaign beat before the update.

The energy version of this.


There is a common to epic one for electric and for heat. it is called Energy Capsule Unit and the other one is Heat Capsule Unit. There is also a legendary to mythical for each called Heat Storage Unit and Energy Storage Unit.


Yes I know, i am asking if the legendary/ mythic Energy Storage Unit is in premium boxes or is it a reward from campaign.
I have 2 of the mythic heat ones but I would really love to get a mythic energy storage unit.


Oh I see, I am sorry then! I have beat the campaign too so I don’t know either :frowning:


I got one from the boxes I converted from my old sm and I can confirm its leg-myth transition range only.


It’s a Legendary-Mythical item. Premium boxes.


i got it from bigboy insane when bigboy still drop 2 epics
well because bigboy doesnt drop 2 epics again then premium box is the best choice


I got a premium item from big boy too when he still dropped 2 epics with the chance at a legendary my fist ash creator was from him.


I got my Energy Engine (covers both Max energy and Regen - Mythical levels) from premium boxes. So keep throwing the dice you may get it or hammer on Big he might spit it out sooner or later but I doubt it.


Now he wont they nerfed bigboy a couple weeks ago to only give commons and rares with a very slight chance of an epic he never gives legendaries now…