Energy should be buffed

Energy is the most difficult type of mech build and fight with balance . You need to have enough energy regen and capacity to compete with other energies. You need Enough hp and inflict enough damage to survive a physical attack . You have to equip at least 1 heat engine or cooling booster to survive a heat machine not to mention enough resistance and hp to survive a shotgun and magma mech with a zero energy drone. I believe energy should be buffed . Physicals and especially heat are fighting without energy engines and crying that it needs to be nerfed. Not one machine in this game would consistently win without a heat engine or cooling booster. I suggest either buffing energy or nerfing heat which requires no energy.


Energy is the most retarded without premium items.

Even with a face shocker energy is shit if you dont have at least a myth plate or a valiant / ash / bunker


Of course it is. It annoys me soo well

LOL! Biggest joke of the century. You’re kidding right?!



You say that cause you dont know how hard it is to play energy without premium items.

Even witout your plates and reckoning your shit.

Everyone is shit without their premium items.


Its equally hard to play heat without premium items too

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Nope. If you don’t defend against energy that’s not my fault . I have to defend against phys and heat . But many players equip no energy engines and cry. It’s bullshit . Tsoft should buff energy

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As of now both heat and energy need premiums’s to make it to top rank.
Buffs and nerfs aren’t the answer, they just create new metas.
Instead new strategies are the answer

Hate blue mechs do you use an energy engine ? I believe you don’t. You use a heat mech though I think ? Should I even have a chance at all to beat you if I don’t equip an energy engine or a booster ? You would be angry if heat defense required no modules at all? I think if it were actually that way you would be complaining about " item x " need to be nerfed because I cannot defeat it regardless whether I actually build a mech to defend against it. A balanced , intelligent mech design that may not win every fight but takes into account ALL THREE MEDIUMS of its opponent. Energy need a buff . No one should be able to beat ANY machine that they do not take into account in their build. This is pretty common sense stuff here. At the very least this post should nerf the energy babies crying while they don’t equip an energy module at all.

actually, he tends to beat energy now that he counters it, im pretty sure that he doesn’t want any buffs or nerfs

Dude, I equip at least one energy engine, often times two max myth.

Energy is still OP. Dual valiant builds are extremely hard to beat. They should make the Valiant weight at least 80!

It’s far easier for energy to drain me, than for me to overheat an opponent. Compare CL and MB for a path to the truth.

If anything the heating mechanism of heat weapons needs a buff. That’s the truth!

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Hmmm i wonder what would happen if only 1 of the same weapon at a time could be equipped on a mech…how would the strategy change?

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That’s actually a very decent idea, which would make this game so much more interesting and challenging. Good one!

I was thinking about that too today.

But then again , dual helies , dual nightfalls , dual anything will be gone

But would that make the game so much better? no more bunker shell metas, no more annoying valiant snipers, no more dual crimson rapture, more smart builds!


Definitely not for the worst.

but that would bring an end to practically any phys build. that uses 2 helies / nightfalls.

2 magmas too. anything that has 2 of the same weapon

But all those builds are boring meta’s