Energy/Pyshical devouring paws


We need a Energy and Physical version of the devouring paws. They where legacy items but why not bring them back? They looked awesome!! Especially the energy one in black!!


lightning supporters are, in effect, already an energy version of devouring paws.


Yeah but the energy devouring paws looked 200 times better in my opinion


I agree. I don’t know why they decided to put blue stripes on cannon fight and throw lightning into the name just for the sake of uniqueness. some of the artistic choices made in reload are really odd. I still miss my lavascope torso, and ultraspade’s sprite has been appropriated for junk a rank 10 wouldnt be caught dead using. I really think there was an element of pure randomness and “■■■■ it that’ll do” mentality when they were drawing up some of the new items. wish they had tried a little harder.

however, that’s life. and the most critical thing to remember about life is that it’s filled with disapointment.


I like the current lightning supporters. The lightning devouring paws looked very bland and unoriginal to me.


How dare you

This is just a joke i don’t wat to start a fight XD