Energy production


Nothing new has been happening to Energy. Pretty much the whole thing has been perpetually the same. I am going to suggest a new idea , crystals produce a small amount of E. Someone already suggested a E mine, but it didn’t end great.

  • Every 10 crystals produce 1 E
  • Every 10 crystals produce .5 E
  • No altogether
  • Tweak (different ratios, etc)

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The problem with this is that if its linear then by the end game when someone has over 100 crystals you could be looking at constant ion cannon hits, which is hooooorrribly imba.

I suggest maybe making it an inverse proportional increase, so say 5+2*sqrt(crystals) this way with 1 crystal you get 5 energy, with 25 crystals you would get 15 energy. With 100 crystals you would get 25 energy per turn.
Obviously the gains aren’t as large, but this would make having crystals help a lot and also mean that late game you can’t just blast everyone else to shreds :stuck_out_tongue:


nvm lol. I thought it was 1 crystal for 1 energy at first haha XD no that ration looks good too.


you may want to erase it. idk if we can double post.


Two Words
Simple, Its not possible like cybran said there will be too much e around
Also the e system right now is fine
The cost for e related actions are balanced and unless you increase those you cant increase e ,it will create lots of more problems
And strong players will get too OP


If we were to do crystals that help with energy we would have to balance it based on player base and not a set amount. as one era with 2k people could make that insane, while an era with 200 people would see that as useless. However, I do believe with too much E production top players will only become greater threats.


I can’t lie. I kinda want this. But that’s only because I would totally abuse it lol. I’m an energy whore. I usually end up converting like, 10k oil into energy constantly for scans, jams and teleports.

While more means to energy seems great, think about those who already do so well with what little they have now… Do you really want to give them more means to easily scan, jam and teleport units during a war. Energy ends up being one of the most essential factors in long drawn out wars. Making a precious commodity more abundant means more pain from those who use tons of it.


I agree,
As much as I would love to see this, I do feel it could ruin the game and make it less enjoyable for those starting out and trying to find their feet.

What we need to be focusing on at the moment (In my opinion) is creating more noob-friendly environment for learning to play on.


Sadly I’m going to have to disagree with this as well. The crystals already increase oil production, and to be honest you reach a point where you simply start seeing oil as energy rather than oil because you’re converting constantly. I’d like this personally since I’m always short on energy, but like Josh I know it’d be bad for the game in general.


Stronkk with 5 energy per 10 crystall Stronkk Kur**