Energy or Heat whats better?


i have a energy mech but i fell heat is better because some people have weapons that dont need energy and heat will overheat or shutdown, what do you think is better.


Depends on your build… Energy “trolls” are some of the strongest builds there are, but heat has very good premium builds.
So if you want to start a heat mech you should have a good stock of premium items.


It depends, which type do you have more items of?


heat is only good with premium items !!!
Builds without these are always/often shit and easy to destroy


If you have redocking, 2 magmas, 1 terrorBlade, 1 abomination i can build you some nice heat mechs, that can dance with the top dogs.
If you have only freemium items, then i suggest you go with energy… they have more accesable freemium items for allrounds.
If you dont have any range 2 heat wepons… sorry heat is very dependant on those.


Why is reckoning called redocking? I always wanted to know.


My awnser:



Ask El Metre or Mordulec…


You do realise that he’s gone,right?


Yes, but he was part of the Grimhole conspiracy…


Why is reckoning redocking and why is rapture grimhole?