Energy on One Tickers


I don’t know if it has been previously brought up, but there needs to be a way for players on one tickers to get an increased production.

Energy is vital for scans, jumping squads, jamming, etc. But on one tickers even with a maxed out structure, you are only getting 5 energy per tick.

I know 5412 suggested crystals or conquers as a basis for increased production, and I like the idea.

Any suggestions?

Jazz Wants More Energy on One Tickers

Why only on one tickers?


I feel its more manageable on two tickers and three tickers to get energy at the pace it currently is, but One tickers get shafted.

Also I really only play one tickers, so I am impartial.


That doesnt make sense. One tickers have the most wreckages


Ohh I forget that every wreckage contained energy.


Ehhh. 1 tick in a 1 ticker is the same as 3 ticks in a 3 ticker. It’s not really that you’re getting it back slower, since everything else happens slower in a 1 ticker.

And what ShockWave means by wreckages is that they spawn 1 every hour, even on 2/3 tickers. So that means every tick a new one appears. But they don’t just contain energy :rolling_eyes:, they can have every type of resource (even blues).


I am aware. I was being sarcastic


I don’t really think this is necessary, especially with the recent AI colony update that increases oil income and therefore also increases the potential energy income.


I dont think there needs to be any change. Your literally making the same amount of resources, the only difference is how well you manage how you use them. Its part of the strategy on 1 tickers to be able to manage your resources effectively in my opinion.