Energy mechs unbalance the game

I have a heat mech with best weapons, all full +50. When I face my heat (death punch included) to a energy mech with the same weapons, I lose.

If I put 2 energy modules in my mech, in the 2nd. turn it take my energy. In contrast, if a energ mech places 2 heat modules in its mech, I can´t never reheat it.

That is imbalance.

My heat death punch does 100/150 points less damage than an energy death punch, because by removing energy their weapons shot harder.

70% of the weapons consume energy. Even the physical drones. That’s insane. It’s not understood. In the previous version of the game we had heat missile weapons that didn´t consume energy. And the grenade launchers did not consume energy either.

And speaking of grenade launcher … why do not we have a heat version of grenade launcher? There is electric and physical, but there is no heat … why?

And why are you favoring the energys in this version?


Gotta say I agree from what I’ve seen

I run an ok heat mech but going against energy I’m almost guaranteed to lose all my energy on turn 2-3, but I can’t get the full overheat until turn 3-4.


like the deathpunch, there is energy and heat deathpunch but not for the physical deathpunch, i can ask the same question then, why there is no physical deathpunch?


Energy is hardest to balance to fight all mechs. I play people who win without pulling drone. Want to smash an energy either over heat quickly or brute force of physical. Change modules if you need but then it will be insufficient elsewhere . Hooks phys no energy required . Use one of those . Charge needs no energy. Equip one of those . This update is all about balancing the imbalance as much as possible. The game has always been that way .

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I carry hook and charge myth. But still energys are stronger. If an energy depletes my energy I only have 2 ways to get closer, because teleport consumes energy. Energy has 3 ways to get closer.

In the previous version, if you moved from the end of the field to the 6th place, you could use the head grenade launcher. Now the grenade launcher consumes energy as well.

If you wear + 50 heat death punch will do a lot of damage, but it does not guarantee your success. But you takes 1 energy death punch +50 it´s assured success.

And since most weapons now consume energy, not only does the energys need energy and heat balance, all types mechs need high values of energy and heat.

Switch to the rollers for feet. Use weapons with no energy required OR switch to phys and grab a bunch of Hp modules

Phys are even more fucked up, physical weapons that don´t consume energy are all of very short range.

But even if you get closer I’ll give you an example … if I’m attacked with 2 heat lavas, I may lose 1 turn to play. But heat lavas do relatively little HP damage and also generate heat to those who use them. So the next turn, luck is mine.

On the other hand, if you are attacked with 2 energy lava shots, the HP is greatly reduced and it is quickly liquidated.

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Shhhh… Let’s deal with the heat mechs first, okay?

Use your tears to kill them :laughing:

Not everything is black and white. I am energy, decently fused yet i have hard time vs Wep. Wep will have hard time vs. specific energy. Similiar principle about energy drained can go opposite direction - 2 mythical lava sprays (like MrX) are doing the same to energy.
Thing is… it is sooo hard and painful to upgrade myths to max level… yet at that level you will have weakness - there is no universal winner. It is hard to adapt now to counter winning builds - you can miss build or luck with items will define your build - not in a manner - that you can invest xxx tokens to create pool of potentially best items - which then you fuse as it suits you the best.
Some things about balance are kinda ok now, but other things are extremely bad - nerfing without end, by now i guess no one buys premium boxes realizing how impossible odds (<=3%) of getting any legendary out of it are… not even talking about potential ‘time based RNG’ which can dilute even further, and hard to prove - THAT IS IMBALANCE !! or better term would be PUNISHMENT - there has to be more options - like it was in previous version of the game - 220 T single legendary, 150 - 3 - 5 items with 15% chance of legendary (if i am not mistaken), 450 T - 3 legendaries or such… only that way TacticSoft will get some revenue… they seek desperately… but guess what, I hardly believe anything will come out our way…

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OMG Wepa, we know that ALL since 2 weeks !

You need to invest more money !!!

tacticsoft did that ALL on purpose, exactly for that reason, that people like you do not stop spending !

They let you run against a wall again and again and again !

HOW long you need to get that ?

2 years ?



This is really funny because I have a energy mech with top of the line modules weapons etc. all near full mythic and the only thing that I lose to regularly is heat mechs. Heat mechs with shotguns and heat death punch are super hard for me to beat. Also physicals with needlers and shotguns are hard. When I fight a mech that is = to mine no matter the type it is usually 50/50 if i win or not. It really all boils down to luck if you use death punch and shotguns they hit really low sometimes and really high sometimes…

In the previous game energy mechs were the weakest because with the mythic missile launchers and drones that did not need energy they were just some kind of weak physical mech.

This is my mech and @Wepwawet probably beats me 1 out of 5 fights. Her mech has really low energy though. Weapons are not as important as modules now in my opinion.

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This is my module load out And torso stats…

@bestplayerintheworld is 100% right my wall was corrupt light users with 350+ energy, I could not beat them no matter how strong my weapons were because they would just drain my 300 heat and eat me alive so i threw money at the game to raise my modules. every type energy, physicals and heaters hit a wall and either you throw money at it or you stay happy with what you got… Unfortunately… I mean eventually we will start seeing physicals with 2600 hit points that don’t use energy for anything and I am pretty sure energy pilots will say they are unbalanced because only heaters will be able to beat them. This game should be called super paper rock scissors.
If I had the money to fuse it i could make a physical with 2600 health that uses 0 energy I have all the items for it.

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Now since I sat and thought about it Heats have, shot guns, death punch, the rifle looking thing (idk know its name),the artillery weapon (don’t know its name) and drones all zero energy. it is possible to make a heat mech that has weapons for short and medium range that use no energy and has over 2000 hit points most if not all energy mechs in the game right now would have 0 chance against it if it was fully fused.
The unbalance is when a well fused mech fights a not so well fused mech.

And I am not even bringing up the 0 energy utility weapons that hit like baby death punches…

If they take the extra damage away from energy mechs, energy mechs will have no chance vs heats or physicals in my opinion… almost all our (energy pilots) weapons use limited shots our torsos and legs have the least amount of hitpoints and everything we use uses energy.