Energy mech suggestions?


Hello everybody, i’m a newbie and i’m trying to make a huge stupid energy mech… The setup i want to use on him is this one

Top: Hysteria or Delerium
Torso: Naga
Side weapons: Ultrabright and mortallbullet, for close and medium-long range.
Legs: Lightning Supporters
Drone: Torment

Right now he’s like that

But i plan to upgrade him once i have luck and find the weapons i need…
Btw, somebody know any good gun for energy that give good knockback beside last words? Thx :slight_smile:


there’s bunker shell, but it’s premium
and delurium is a trashy top gun, i’d stay with the dual hysteria unless you get a valiant sniper


Last words is pretty much the only energy weapon that does knockback.

Bunker shell can also knock, but it’s very rare and can only be used once.


Which tbh is more hard to find then Hysteria right?
There are some guns i couldn’t find yet, they only drop in box with tokens right?




yeah, delurium is premium and premium start in legacy, like mortal bullert


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and lightning supporters, if i have very luck, can i find it in normal boxes? Like torment?


Ligthning Suporters can be found in normal boxes


yeah, i have like 4 of them, starts in epic and it’s good


Okay :confused:
Will find something that fits my ugly me ;-;


dude, just get like a cool looking D :ok_hand:


I’m using dynamic stompers, but my mech looks like a chicken, so i wanna change that like for yesterday :smiley:
I think i might need to put a bit of money here -_-
That setup is good? i know hysteria is good one, but idk which weapons to use as my sided ones :confused:
Ultra bright and mortalbullet are a nice duo?


But make sure it looks nothing like mine

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Ultrabright and Malice Beam is way better. They do more damage than Mortal Bullet


listen, for a good drain combo get malice beam, 2X hysteria or a hysteria and valiant, and last words, then get face shoker and a good module set up


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1 hysteria is all you need.
Never use delirium
Only good energy drones are faceshocker or windforge, pick one.
Side weapons, since you dont yet have a mortal bullet, can be last words, malice beam, ultrabright.
modules: 2 hp plates, 3 heat engines 3 energy engines.


Wow, thx for the help :slight_smile: :heart:


Really? thats good, cause i have a malice beam here that i got at epic and i upgraded to legend :smiley: