Energy free phys drone... yes or not?

  • Phys drones should not consume energy.
  • Phys drones must consume energy.

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if phys drones stop consuming energy, energies wont stand a chance against them.

it’s not like a decent phys mech cant win against energies, take R.I.C.O for instance, he has beaten my energy with his physical once he got on to the same fusion level.

maybe if your physical can’t do the same it’s a you problem and not a balance problem.


I want a 3rd option: Have some phys drones that don’t consume energy, but they are much weaker than the current phys drones (and no res. drain). Maybe around the same damage as the corresponding heat/energy drones, with heavier weight closer to the heat drone (but still slightly (2-3 kg) lighter).

The fact that a majority of physical weapons drain resistance will counteract the “phys has same damage as heat/energy” issue.

Otherwise, they should still use energy.


The old drones that don’t use energy uses ammo…

With that in mind… a limited use drone??

I don’t know if that’s a good idea… it could be a terrible one, even…


Doesnt matter how much we bark they dont care, Just keep nerfing every month keep lads happy.

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Other option could be that energys have at least 1 model of drone free energy (as it was in the previous version).

Because I think the problem of energy just now is that there are more and more of them and better fused, which forces to lower their HP to place more modules, that is to compete vs… the same energy, which can make them more vulnerable vs. phys.

In the end everything falls by its own weight.


If devs remove energy cost from void it will be same as clash, only dmg type difference. Devs must be thinking because void need to do much more dmg it must uses both energy and heat.
There is higher version of drone in energy and heat, i guess devs may introduce new version of phy drone soon.


The concept of haveing energy phis free drone, like in the old version, is of a higher weight one, that doesnt do anything to the stats(maybe a simbolic -1,2 res drain).
Atm there are 2 phis drones that have absolutly no real use in their drain stats, hurlbat lover max heat and energy, it ia basicly of now use these drains. Duskmaker lowers cooling and regen, really? Like what is he gonna do? The other 2 drain resisr, -5 on void, and -9 on the other one(forgot the name), but they become useless against energy.
Social you lost to Rico because you made 2 mistakes,and because you are dmg oriented energy, Rico against high drain energy, loses, because it is simple math, ash generators hit higher and at range 1-2 then anything else, you would lose to high heaters also(2 heat flames with 360-400 energy) would heat-lockdown you.
IMHO there need to be 1 phis drone to work without energy, like flushy said, has more weight 30-38kg, and lower dmg 90-140, so that there can be some other range at where they can take the fight, this would make also the purifier a viable wepon.


Flush y ? Lol

Character limit

For a Physical Build User,They should remove the energy cost of Drones or just Buff every Torso apart from Energy Torso

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