Energy damage mechanic change


As we know, mech weight and modules slot are not infinite. After player fits their mech with heat/energy/physical weaponry, they have to decide what modules to use. Not counting ammo modules, we have following:

  • Against all mechs (and especially physical ones) HP (and, optionally, resistance module) must be installed; however, if you happen to not have enough of that you can just deal more damage than enemy and still win. So using more HP (after some level) is optional and at same time it won’t hurt, as it gives more room for mistakes.
  • Against heat mechs (and also to use your own weapons more frequently) cooling and some max heat should be installed. Once again, after some level more cooling is optional and will only allow you to cool down less often.
  • Against energy mech, energy modules are necessary if you want to fire your weapons. And here the problem: you can either have enough or not enough energy. Bring more than enough and it won’t help you at all. Bring less than enough and it won’t matter how much less, your weapons will be disabled anyway - only energy damage to your HP will harm you, and this can be somewhat bypassed with high HP.

So, with energy mechs, if one wants to counter them, installing energy modules would be ill idea - since energy modules won’t help you against anything but energy mech. Originally energy was used also to fuel shields, but after shields were nerfed they didn’t ever return to meta, only being used occasionally, in defencive builds like imfamous diamond shell repair drone pusher.

Thus, solution to high level mech is just bypass energy mech countering problem entirely and instead use less weapons that require energy. This way only thing energy mech can do with you is burst damage, which is basically the same as physical mech’s feature. Since strong energy mech with myphical weapons will sure drain all your energy anyway unless you specidically prepare against this (which would make you weak against higher odds of either physical or heat mech, due to trading your other stats), it makes sense to not prepare at all in ways other than using weaponry that doesn’t get disabled. It is different from any other stat, where picking some more or some less will always straight change your performance in battle.

Adding more items won’t solve this in any way; even if all weapons will use energy, problem of “you have more energy than you need or you dont have it at all” will be still here. So something else should be changed.

  1. Reward for keeping higher energy pool. It may be energy shields (and would be nice if enabling/disabling one would be faster), weapons that use % of your remaining energy (and deal damage for each energy consumed), devices that deal more damage the less energy opponent have, ect.
  2. Inproved penalty for receiving energy damage. Currently, player may use just enough regeneration to reduce energy damage to sensible amount, or outright ignore it and just have HP modules and damage dealing weapons instead. Latter should be discouraged. My idea here is that if your energy damage taken this turn exceeds 50% of your max energy, your drone is deactivated no matter what type it is - thus, if you don’t use any energy modules, you gonna waste 1 action re-activating it (simular to heat weapons, that cause you to waste actions cooling down). Other ideas are welcome as well.[poll type=regular public=true]
  • Current energy damage system needs improvements
  • Current energy system is fine already, and I prefer physical or exlosive/heat mechs
  • Current energy system is fine already, and I prefer electric/energy mechs


We can do 3v3s and create 3 mech with different strategies with different weaknesses and strength
I like the idea of deactivating drone


I generally like the idea, but please notice that we already have the “drone deactivation” effect in the game. This is why I never specify energy-dependent drones in my builds. It is utterly frustrating to waste 1 AP for activating your drone only to find out that it sits still because you are sucked off your energy. I HATE ENERGY MECHS!!! ENERGY MECHS GO… SHORTCUT YOURSELVES!


So you like Easy Play


and for energy draining mech, its utterly frustrating to drain all opponent’s energy only to find out enemy still can fire all his weapons and even drone - so basically all energy draining attacks did nothing. Thats why I offered “drone deactivation” at certain amount of energy damage received withim a turn (50% - 100% of max energy) - it will show energy mech user that his efforts are not unrewarded, and it will also make other mechs to consider using some energy modules, to increase their resilence to such effect (and also reduce energy damage received)