Energy damage distinguishing


so some time ago I found out that kongregate SM forum (I am kongregate player) is visited by just a fraction of SM players. Now, that I got some free time, I can visit this forum. I will still browse what you got here and what opinions are common, however I think I can transfer a specific idea about energy damage mechanic I through about recently

Originally posted by 25352:
So we all know its hard to tell how much energy damage was dealt. In fact, less than year ago I didn’t even know energy damage exists at all.

So I just realized this can be very easily solved:

  1. Instead of dealing energy damage straigh ahead, energy drain now results in negative energy value for victim
    1.1) Consecutive energy attacks result in consecutively decreasing of energy pool - that is, number aftter "-"will grow further
  2. At the beginning of victim’s turn, all negative energy value is instantly dealt as electric damage instance. Energy is then set to zero.

This will clearly distinguish energy damage from base damage. It will help in distinguishing between electric weapons and instantly-damaging physical weapons, and also help to define how exactly much energy damage was dealt.

Also, more things that this might be added, to make gameplay slightly more complex and thus more interesting:

  1. Electric damage instance might be subject to resistance-based decrease/increase. That is, God Mode is more vunderable to even as much as 1 energy damage. Also possible to block some of damage with heat shield.
  2. Energy shields should be not able to block more damage than they have energy for. Otherwise their creators would be shown as outright stupid…
  3. Possible to give energy mechs an edge against low-energy high-health opponent with weapons that consumes zero energy: if total energy damage was too high (energy went less than -100% of victim’s max energy), victim’s drone is deactivated. Nothing fatal, but player will have to spend a turn activating drone once again - or just use an energy module, increasing energy reserves and being much more resilent to this effect.
  4. Possibe to deal electric damage instance at the end of victim’s turn, before he/she regerates energy. This delay seems weird by itself, but it will further distinguish electric weapons from instant-damage ones (physical) and also allow more possibilities:
    6.1) Cool down with negative energy to increase energy by 25% of negative energy value, thus reducing damage you gonna receive
    6.2) While negative energy is less than -50% of max energy, cannot activate your drone. Makes sence with point 5.