Endorphine Appreciation Society

Greetings, Pilots!
After spending several evenings on chatting with various SM players about their source of endorphines, I decided to make a thread that is similar to Alcohol Appreciation Society. But this time this is the Endorphine Appreciation Society, where you post your favourite sports disciplines that release endorphines in your organism after a vigorous training! So, let me start. Yesterday I completed my jogging workout. Weather like from hell, 0 degrees, strong wind in the face, and rain. Could not get any better. The results are as follows:
For those who do not follow Endomondo:
8 km in 50:45 mins, 5 km in 31:16 mins, but this was because of shitty weather. Pilots, post your results, tell us what is your passion!


Swim. Mine was always water, since I was 4 years old. Participated in national and regional competitions, and then I was coach.

Now I do it much less frequently and only for a hobby. But if I see a pool I cannot resist. The design has changed in recent times, now they are safer and more comfortable to swim.

And if we talk about endorphine I so like dancing. With 2 “manhattan” I am able to dance anything. But speaking seriously, I like to dance tango. I learned looking at my mom, when my mom was a girl and I still enjoy tango dance a lot.


And I do hope your invitation to a tango is still up to date! I will keep you at your word and one day I just knock at Wep’s door… Knock, knock, knocking on Wepwawet’s dooorr… I, I, i, i, i, i, i, :grin:

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My best at running was …

  • a half marathon (21.0975 km … 21,0975 km with european comma)

  • in 1 hour and 57 minutes

… I use running to be fit for my other sport :grey_exclamation:


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I must have been a small natural athlete, I have medals in various sports disciplines I will list only those in which I obtained medals or trophies

100 flat meters.
long jump.

competition team at my university.
in the specialty of:
100 meters free
100 meters Butterfly

Table tennis
Winner the last 2 years of university in the internal tournaments of the university

Tennis field
Regional Champion in my country for 3 years

winner of regional teams and university

Futbol soccer
winner regional youth league and university

and my greatest achievements I got in martial arts

Karate Do (black belt - 4th dan) shito-kai style
Karate kempo old classic style (black belt 3rd dan) T
Taekwondo (federation) (black belt only)

in this area I got many achievements both nationally and internationally
in short I have more than 350 trophies and more than 500 medals in these disciplines in general

highlighting among them Pan-American, South American, Central American, as well as World championships in Japan, Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Canada and the United States.

I am currently training on my own to keep myself in shape.


WOW - C O N G R A T U L A T I O N :exclamation:

Now I know why we understand each other that good :grey_exclamation:


You are a real sportsman, with also a very healthy and awaken spirit :exclamation:


P.S.: I am waiting now for missing (he got punished form … :wink: ) ElNanoMetre (Pinky) to top your list, he can do that easy (with words :laughing: ), because he is a “Topper” :wink:

i love you too :trophy:

Well … I have 1.62 and you 2.00 … a bit complicated for tango´s steps, but we can try …

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Idk what a endorphine is (im not edumucated like the rest of u lot) so im just gonna go with the cocaine i do every other day

who is your bulk dealer?

Haha, do not worry, Wep, about this tiny detail! The language of dancing is so universal, that we surely get on with each other with no problems whatsoever! When I travel for vacation, my skin gets suntanned, and I look like this:

And Wep looks nice in purple, does not she?