End of Tick "Errors"


Sooo… Anyone else having the issue of the servers malfunctioning at the end of every tick? O.o"


I think that’s because when the servers have downtime the ticks pause for a tick.


Could you explain what you mean by malfunctioning?

And yes, if the server isn’t up, the tick does get skipped now.


“Server Interrupted” message every 1 minute before tick passes. As strategy I’m sure most of us launch attacks nearest to the end of a tick as possible without it passing. Server errors make things a lot more complicated. Freezing and kicking you out of the server.


Oh, that’s not related. Sounds more like your connection is having issues - what country are you from?


LOL Alex. I’m in America. It’s the servers! :smiley: I’m not the only one with this issue I assure you :frowning:


Can’t reproduce this, nor is this technically viable (all times, until the time the tick engine starts running every 10 minutes the hour, are identical to the server. There’s no system biasing 1 minute before tick or otherwise taking it into account).

That said just to be safe – I turned off the update for now.


I’ve gotten that message sometimes, but I always assumed it was just my connection having errors.

If you ignore the message and hit the in-game refresh 95% of the time it will refresh without any problems. If you hit the “ok” on the message it will boot you back to the main world-select page.


Hmmm… I assumed it was just my crappy subway wifi, until I’ve learned it’s happening to others as well. :frowning:


Are you still getting this error and has anyone else encountered it at the end of ticks in the past day?


Not today, so far. But I’ve been working all day, so we’ll see now.


At the end of tick, server down. This sin’t just me at this point as you can see. This happened 10:39 EST right before tick passed on E3, other’s are experiencing the same thing.:confused:


Ticks are frozen again. I’m sure my wifi isn’t capable of such madness! :smiley:


I apologize for all the bright colors :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, I get connection errors all the time. I think it may be the servers. This has been more prominent as of recent.


I swear that the reason the ticks pause after the server goes off is part of the tick update, I think this was to keep competitive integrity (ie. an attack lands when someone wanted to pull eot but the server crashed)

(not 100% sure tho)


Altho I also have noticed the servers have been acting up more lately (going off for a minute or 2)


Server room workers must be a bunch of chimpanzees beating the servers with monkey wrenches.


Even more than 2 minutes at times bud. It’s bad enough we are fighting the world, must we fight the servers as well on E3? :smiley:


Ok seriously… this is getting out of hand, what’s up with the servers, it’s killing my mojo…the little I have. How long will this continue? Its bad enough we are fighting one alliance, must we fight the servers as well?